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73-Year-Old Jeff Cook, Founding Member Of Alabama Has Passed Away!



Founding Member Of Alabama

Life gives unexpected turns and twists, and somewhat the same happened with the well-known founding member of Alabama, Jeff Cook. The guitarist and co-founder of one of the popular country bands Alabama died at 73 leaving a legacy of his artistic work and talent. 

It was only due to Jeff Crook that the band reached the top charts with songs like songs of the south and Dixieland delight. These songs were loved by all and made the band reach the top of the country.

People still want to explore more such music that the artist was gifted with! His guitar, tones, and artistic style and quality were one of a kind making him an iconic remembrance in the country.

A Brief About The Famous Guitarist

For those of you who don’t know about Jeff Cook, the famous guitarist was a Grammy-winning artist who was a founding guitarist, keyboardist, and fiddler of Alabama. He passed away on Tuesday at his home in Florida (Destin).

The famous guitarist and keyboardist were suffering from Parkinson’s disease and that went public in the year 2017 with his health hitting severity.

People expressed their condolences and concerns on the internet when the country stars posted their tributes from all over the world. One of the famous artists, Travis Tritt called him a great guy and one of the best bass fishermen.

 Famous Guitarist

Many of the artists also remembered his famous work, the famous Country Music Hall of Fame also said that Cook with his cousins Teddy Gentry and Randy Owen had the best country songs. A total of 8 songs were exclusive on the charts between the spring and summer of 1980 and 1982 respectively.

They remembered how the artist played the best guitar and also fiddled. He also sang during the time when the big hits of the band were released like the love in the first degree, Tennessee river, feels so right, and Mountain music. 

The artist also remembered how the guys were always helpful and fun to tour with. It is always rare to find such talents in this industry who are helpful and admire good work. It was Kenny Chesney who still smiles about the incident when the artist Jeff Cook and the Alabama guys were having fun. Chesney, the American singer, and songwriter was young and still admires the respect and help the gang showed to him. 

The Talents Of Jeff Cook

The artist had a talent of Gold that still remains intact with him. Many have come and gone but the artist true value comes to play when he leaves, leaving behind his musical legacy.

To talk about Jeff cook, released a few solo albums as well. He took his band to the next level by giving them a lifetime tour! The band called Allstar Goodtime cherished some precious moments with the artist in which they got to learn so much from the artists! 

Jeff Cook has worked with some famous personalities as well like Charles Daniels and William Shatner (the Star Trek star) where he expressed his precious musical talent. 

He was also invited to the Country Music Hall of Fame back in 2005 as a member of Alabama. The artist, a precious gem to the music industry will still be remembered by many. The artist was born in Fort Payne Alabama with many of his family members still living there.

His wife is receiving condolences from the world, Lisa Cook. The couple was married for 27 years, Jeff Cook also has a brother David and a mother Betty, leaving them their legacy.

Everything is sorted in this world, a man may come and go but his talent lives forever; and with artists like Jeff Cook, this statement couldn’t be more real! 

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