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Roger Sexton – Amazon Player, Passed Away At The Age Of 76!



Roger Sexton

The famous personality, Roger Sexton, who was able to compete on Survivor: Amazon in 2003 is no longer with us. He died at the age of 76 after fighting a battle with dementia. He died on 26th October 2022.

A Brief About Roger Sexton

He was known for his amazing performance in the sixth season of survival. In fact, then he was aged 56. This means he was the oldest contestant playing the game with many younger contestants. 

He could complete the entire duration of 21 days with a lot of effort. The show is challenging. It exposed an individual to different difficulties that person had to face if he was lost in the dense forest of the Amazon.

Brief About Roger Sexton

Without any experience and means to survive, this show tests the capability and patience of every individual. But despite all the difficulties, Roger Sexton could pull off the game successfully, even at 56, which was an incredible achievement. 

How Was Roger Sexton

Now that he is no longer a part of this world, each of his family members and friends remembers him. According to them, he was a confident and disciplined person. He was always determined to succeed in every challenge he undertook.

It was only because of these characteristics that he won the 6th season of the show. Some people also believe that he had mental health issues, which ultimately caused his death. 

But nothing particular is known with this respect for the time being. His memories would always be with his loved ones. He was truly a survivor who not only Fought the show but was also able to put up a tough front against the world at large.

He always got happiness in challenging himself over some time. It was only because of this challenging nature that he never lost hope and always motivated himself to give his best performance.

Achievements Of Roger Sexton

Apart from this particular show, he was also a great Soldier in the army of The United States of America. He also accompanied the officials on an official trip to Vietnam in 1966. He has always been a true fighter.

After having a challenging career for a very long time, he finally settled after getting married to his wife. It was the time when he took up a construction job and decided to spend time with his family instead of being adventurous all the time. Sexton leaves behind two daughters. 

But the younger daughter died due to pneumonia at the age of 16. The elder daughter is married and lives happily with her husband. He was not only an amazing husband but also a doting father and an extremely loving grandfather.

He is remembered extremely by his family members, who still cannot get over the fact that he has left for the heavenly abode. Different types of condolences have been pouring onto the family.

Many famous winners of reality shows are feeling sorry for the sudden demise. It is difficult for the family to believe, but this is life, and there is no way such an incident can be avoided. It is going to be a tough call, but it is always prayed to God that he can get all the strength to face this world in a much better way. 

Final Words

This is going to be the most important aspect of life, and it is only with the support of the family that the surviving members can live life again. It takes patience and guts. But since it was the family of this amazing survival, they will survive this pain and always remember him with a smile. 

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