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Sunday, The Short-Handed Raiders Will Face An Unknown Team In The Colts!



Short-Handed Raiders

This week, the Indianapolis Colts interim coach Jeff Saturday was not the subject of any scouting or video reports for the Las Vegas Raiders to use as preparation. He was an analyst for ESPN up until Monday.

The Raiders, who were already missing two crucial players after tight end Darren Waller and wide receiver Hunter Renfrow were placed on injured reserve on Thursday, will go into Sunday’s game in Las Vegas mostly in the dark due to the Colts’ unconventional decision to hire Reich on Saturday after firing him.

Defensive Coordinator For The Colts

Gus Bradley, the defensive coordinator for the Colts, is a coaching staff member and previously held the same position in Las Vegas the previous season, so there is some overlap. However, it swings both ways since Bradley knows how to counter the Raiders’ offensive scheme, even though he acknowledged certain personnel and system changes.

Defensive Coordinator For The Colts

Both teams find themselves in comparable situations regardless of who is in command. The Raiders, who finished last in the AFC West and at 2-6, are a far cry from the playoff-bound squad from the previous year. Although Indianapolis is second in the AFC South, the Colts’ 3-5-1 record and three straight losses have prompted numerous adjustments.

Along with dismissing Reich, the team benched veteran quarterback Matt Ryan, moved back Nyheim Hines to Buffalo, and fired offensive coordinator Marcus Brady. Despite the movements’ desperate appearance, there is still half the season to play.

The New Position Of Offensive Coordinator For Frazier

Sam Ehlinger, the Colts’ third starting quarterback in his career, will hear Parks Frazier for the first time on his helmet radio when he takes the field.

The offensive coordinator position was given to Frazier, according to an announcement by Ehlinger on Wednesday, because it would cause the least disruption since he has been with the team the longest among the offensive coaches. Ehlinger, however, doesn’t think much of it.

Ehlinger contends that it all boils down to having a procedure at the line of scrimmage. He said that letting go of feelings and anything else that prevents me from understanding, calling, and successfully executing the play is also important. The only thing Ehlinger and the crew need to concentrate on is that.

More New Developments Within The Team

Derek Carr, the Raiders starting quarterback, has no problem with McDaniels calling the plays for his team. Carr claimed that just one voice could be heard when the head coach called the team.

According to Carr, when someone else calls them, you have two voices, and you hope that the voices within your organization will be properly aligned. Additionally, it’s typically a positive thing when those voices are in harmony.

Therefore, while the head coach is making the play calls, Carr has it easier since whatever he says, he is in charge and cannot get in trouble.

Carr is accustomed to operating under that scheme because the plays were also called by the previous coach, Jon Gruden. Rich Bisaccia, the interim coach, took over the play-calling duties from Greg Olson when Gruden was fired in the middle of the season.

There have been rumors that the Colts are tanking due to the actions during the last two weeks. Since the unexpected retirement of Andrew Luck in August 2019, Indianapolis has been looking for a new franchise quarterback.

With eight games remaining, a loss would help the Colts elevate their draft position and perhaps finish in a position where they might select a new, young quarterback. The coaches and athletes don’t agree with it. Additionally, safety doesn’t seem to be in excellent shape.

The Raiders’ 2019 seventh-round pick, quarterback Johnathan Abram, might have felt resentful after leaving. In addition to being released on Tuesday, he also lost his starting position two weeks ago and saw a significant decrease in playing time. However, Abram, who the Green Bay Packers selected on Thursday, appreciated his time playing for the Raiders.

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