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Tropical Storm And Surge Warnings Canceled As Nicole Weakens To A Depression!



Tropical Storm

Florida is currently facing a tough time. The east coast of Florida has been hit by a hurricane, Nicole. The Storm was so strong that it collapsed many buildings near the seashore. People experienced power cuts and had to stay without clean water and food for 48 hours.

Storm Was So Strong That It Collapsed Many Buildings

It has caused the same amount of damage once caused by the first Hurricane hitting the shores of the United States of America. The intensity of the Storm has been compared to the intensity of the Hurricane, which hit the country around 40 years ago. According to the sources, many people were even electrocuted. 

This particular Storm was able to affect the countries of Florida and South Carolina. The Hurricane was categorized as category 1 in terms of its intensity and devastating tendencies. But now, it has weakened and undergone a state of depression.

Storm Was So Strong That It Collapsed Many Buildings

After subsisting for 14 days, it has finally settled, and in light of this, all the different warnings have also been discontinued. Government departments and authorities are now attempting to assess the damage caused to different people and areas. This is basically to arrange for the relief funds to be affected by the community. 

Assessing The Damage

It is known for the time being that around 49 buildings facing the beach and 24 hotels nearby have been categorized as unsafe buildings after this Hurricane hit the shores of Florida.

The entire coastline has been damaged, and it has been for the first time that the country has witnessed so much turmoil after one Storm. Additionally, 11 structures surrounding Daytona Beach have collapsed. Curfew has also been imposed across These areas so that people do not visit and hurt themselves. 

The electricity connection in the country has also been cut off for the past 14 days. Around 24000 shopkeepers do not have electricity in the shops for the time being. The repair of these electrical mechanisms would take time, according to the recent update from the electricity department. This Storm also caused landfalls. It was a difficult situation for the people to experience for the time being.

The uncertainty of the Storm and how the people have responded to it denotes that this Storm has identified the unprepared nature of the authorities to tackle any natural calamity. All the flights to Florida have been canceled, and even the schools have been shut down. This has been able to affect the economy as a whole.

How Should The Residents Prepare Themselves? 

According to the Meteorological Department, the storm is all set to hit South Carolina after subsiding from Florida. Hence advisories and guidelines are being issued to the residents of this place so that they can safeguard themselves from this havoc. 

The government has already developed an emergency exit plan for the people as a part of the rescue mission so that no loss of life is reported. The power has already been snapped to avoid any possible electrocutions.

The expected speed with which the storm would be hitting South Carolina is around 75 mph. It will, however, fall in category 2, according to the meteorological department. The people have already decided to follow all these preventive measures as soon as possible before it is too late to protect themselves against all this damage. 

It is only with the help of collective efforts that all the people can be protected safely and the damage can be minimized. It is important for the people to follow the destructions of the government because it has been developed for their own safety. The exact status of the country will be updated soon by the government authorities.

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