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Drunk Man Arrested At Disney World After Drinking Beers And Stripping



Drunk Man Arrested At Disney World After Drinking Beers And Stripping

Another incident of a drunk person misbehaving in the theme park of Disney World came into headlines as a 30-year-old man was seen and reported of being verbally abusive after chugging down two beers within 30 seconds. 

A resident of Merritt Island, Florida, the father of two, Chase Holderby, was arrested after becoming intoxicated and causing a drunken scene at an event in Walt Disney World’s Epcot park. 

He was binge drinking from a nearby stall- Food and Wine Festival when visitors started complaining about his behavior. 

Holderby was appearing very friendly with people- shaking everyone’s hand in line, and high-fiving people. What was alarming was his stumbling while in the queue. 

An Intoxicated Man Was Detained After Drinking Beer And Stripping At Disney World

Later, the sheriff’s report recorded the usual behavior of a drunken state: he was stumbling, being excessive, swearing, and appearing unsteady on his feet. 

Drunk Man Arrested At Disney World After Drinking Beers And Stripping

A Disney food and beverage manager asked all the food and beverage locations not to serve Holderby any more beer. 

After complaints from the visitors, he was confronted by a Disney security manager when he reached the Morocco Pavilion. The manager advised and ordered him to leave the park but the drunken man reacted furiously by poking a finger into the guard’s chest, swearing at him, and demanding to know his wrongdoings. 

Not only this but, Holderby also argued with the members of his group near the Japan pavilion when they tried to stop him by getting him to drink water and convincing him to exit the park. He refused, and soon the police officers intervened to handle the situation. 

The report of sheriff recalled that they followed him to the International Gateway exit while he took off his shirt and continued insisting that he had done nothing wrong. 

However, Holderby changed his route and mind by moving towards the ‘Skyliner’ ride. 

In the queue, the crowd became alarmed and disturbed when he continued to act belligerently. 

Further inconvenience was caused to the visitors when the park staff stopped the ride out of fear that Holderby would injure himself as he was dangerously close to falling into the area beneath where the attraction operates. 

The sheriff’s report described the scenario of how everyone attempted to get him into the physical gondola car. He had to ride the gondola to reach the Caribbean Beach Resort where his family was staying. 

Initially, he entered the individual gondola of the Skyliner but then began to push his way out to hurl insults at security members. The situation worsened when he continued to verbally abuse the security members and cops, who were trying to help him by getting him into the car.

Chase Holderby was arrested on the charges of trespassing and being overly intoxicated after failing to follow several warnings. 

In the sentence, he pleaded guilty and paid around $US 300 as compensation for trespassing. He did not receive longer jail time except for being credited for serving one day in jail. His attorney kept himself mute during Holderby’s story. 

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The incident of 20th November is not the first time that such similar incidents have caused inconvenience to people and disrupted their day. Several times drunk people have behaved in a similar manner and alarmed the crowd, and created a scene by gaining the attention of authorities.

The public has blamed Disney’s policy of allowing people to consume alcohol in the park and the staff for continuing to serve alcohol to guests until they are high. 

The only way to stop such incidents is by banning alcohol within the premises of Disney’s theme park or restricting its consumption to an extent.

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