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As COVID-19 Cases Hit A Record Daily, China Expands Lockdowns!



COVID-19 Cases Hit A Record In China

Guangzhou, one of the cities in China, is in the news due to its lockdowns and restrictions as Covid-19 cases increase in number. Many businesses and homes in the city, meanwhile are spectators to clashes between blue-collar migrant workers and the police, due to pay issues.

While the world seems to be getting used to normal life, some of the cities in China, which also happens to be the epicenter of the virus have reported an increase in the number of infections.

Pandemic Lockdowns Increasing In China

According to recent sources, many cities in China are going into lockdown mode. At least eight districts in Zhengzhou, which is home to at least 6 million or more people, have been asked to stay home for five days. The only time people can leave their homes is for food and medicine.

Daily mass testing drives are also taking place across the region. Recently, some of the factory workers at Apple’s iPhone factory has a tussle with the city police, owing to pay disputes. However, the entire fiasco was sorted out a day later after certain rectifications in the HR systems.

Pandemic Lockdowns Increasing In China

In the last 24 hours, there were reports of at least 31,000 more infections, since the outbreak in December 2019. Moreover, the daily caseload has been increasing quite fast, according to the National Health Commission. The number of dead is reportedly still quite low, as compared to the conditions in the US, but the Chinese Government is following a zero-tolerance policy to eliminate the virus completely.

Most governments across the world, have ended all restrictions and lockdowns, and are now solely relying on vaccination drives. Residents of Guangzhou are of the opinion that the restrictions that are being imposed on them are on and above what the national government allows. Several districts, like Baiyun and Shijiazhuang, were asked to stay home, while the authorities conduct mass testing drives.

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Beijing Taking More Steps To Control The Virus

In the meanwhile, Beijing has opened a mass testing center in an exhibition venue and has also suspended all classes at Beijing International Studies University after a case was noticed. Many shopping malls and work establishments have also been shut down following the infections. Most of the measures seem to be of semi-permanent nature, as workers segregate the buildings and compounds in Beijing partially.

The authorities have been trying hard to control the rush for testing at the centers. However, many Chinese citizens are not happy about the changes in policies so often. For the world, Chinese borders are closed, but the government is cooperating with businessmen, and facilitating their rapid entry and exit, without too many hassles. 

According to Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Mao Ning, China would continue to make alterations in its policies regarding Covid-19 from time to time, depending on the scenario. But all through this, a key issue remains. And that points towards the supposed vulnerability of the common men toward the virus. Many Chinese residents who were exposed to the virus, and contracted the same, are supposedly immune to more infections.

However, it is not the case for all. China currently has an overall vaccination rate of 92%, with most receiving at least a single dose. However, records say that the older generation is not yet vaccinated, even partially. The government is trying very hard to control the outbreak without closing down work establishments and factories, as it is impacting the economy.

Closed-loop management is being practiced in several factories, where migrant workers are confined to their workplaces. However, according to the workers, the conditions are not liveable inside the factory premises. So, that seems like a cause for concern.

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