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Horrific Chicago Crash Leaves Two Dead & Ten Injured!



The horrific car crash in Chicago has left two dead and several others injured. The crash seems to be a result of car theft and occurred on November 23. All the victims are now in the hospital, amongst whom four are said to be very critical.

For the unversed, multiple vehicles were involved in the car crash that occurred in the afternoon in Burnside. The firefighters reached the scene after multiple attempts to call them, got delayed. The scene of the wreckage will make you shiver. Read this news to find out more gory details about the crash.

Burnside Multiple Vehicle Crash Decoded

According to Chicago Fire Department, firefighters reached the scene at 5 pm, a few hours after the accident had occurred. It took place at 87th Street and Cottage Grove Avenue.

According to sources, a stolen car, a Dodge Charger was traveling toward the North, on the southern flank of the street, at a very high speed. The driver might have been trying to escape someone and managed to hit seven other vehicles at the intersection of 87th Street.

Burnside Multiple Vehicle Crash Decoded

The police revealed that both the driver and the man in the passenger’s seat had died at the time of discovery. The car was most probably stolen from Markham and had caught fire after the collision. The police also found a gun inside.

The victims also include children. While most of the injured are in fair condition, four people are serious. The electronics showroom employees, just a short distance away, heard a loud noise and saw the car in flames.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot also visited the accident scene and warned one and all to drive carefully on that stretch. She stated that, that the car was at high speed and had caused substantial damage to the cars and victims who came in the way.

Mayor Requests All To Maintain Speed Limits

Chicago Police Superintendent and the mayor jointly held a media conference, asking everyone to step off the gas pedal and slow down. They also requested the drivers to take some personal responsibility. The night, just before Thanksgiving was certainly not the best one for all those who died or were in the hospital.

According to the firefighters, there were at least nine kids and seven adults, who were there in the cars at that awful time. The most badly injured person seems to be the one whose car flipped.

The driver, who was driving the Dodge Charger, was reportedly driving at high speed, and that too in the wrong direction. The gun that was discovered in the back seat was a long-rifle type of firearm.

The mayor showed extreme dismay and grief after the event came to the fore. She also went on to say, that speed kills. And that is what happened that afternoon. According to her, around 150 deaths occurred on the streets of the city last year due to high speed. The intersection where the accident occurred was likely closed for many hours as an aftermath.

The other details are still under investigation. However, it seems to be a huge matter of concern, as speed is something that drivers should keep note of. Mayor Lori Lightfoot also said that she will continue to fight against high-speed driving in the city. And she has been conducting awareness drives as well for drivers and car owners as well.

In spite of taking so many steps, some people have not been following the norms. So, that seems to be a matter of concern, according to her. While the case is under investigation, it is the families of the injured, who are spending sleepless nights. The critical victims are all in the area hospitals, and sinking in and out of the coma.

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