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Marjorie Taylor Greene Confronts A California State Lawmaker On LGBTQ Issues On Twitter



Marjorie Taylor Greene Confronts A California State Lawmaker On LGBTQ Issues On Twitter

Days after a shooting rampage at a gay club in Colorado Springs left five people dead and numerous others injured, Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene once more used the podium to express her hatred for the LGBTQ community.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, an extreme representative, had her Twitter account permanently suspended last year for breaking the terms of service regarding COVID-19 misinformation. However, it appears that her performance was reinstated.

As soon as that happened, she insulted San Francisco Democrat and California state senator Scott Wiener with an anti-LGBTQ derogatory buzzword. In a much-discussed incident, Elon Musk has reinstated the accounts of several controversial individuals. Majorie’s account was among them, and erstwhile President Donald Trump.

What Did Greene Have To Say About Installing Her Twitter Account Again?

Evidently, this wasn’t the first time she had been suspended from Twitter. According to sources, Greene’s Twitter handle, @R-Ga, reportedly received the ban four times in the past. She had been temporarily suspended from using Twitter five times before the incident in January 2022, which put her at risk of a permanent suspension.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Confronts A California State Lawmaker On LGBTQ Issues On Twitter

Greene’s removal from Twitter in January was brought on by a post that contained untruths about how masks make kids sick. Additionally, she asserted that the COVID-19 vaccine is ineffective. She continued speaking without stopping, alleging that vaccinations were slaughtering innocents and that the current regime was exaggerating the statistics.

 Greene posted a tweet on her congressional Twitter account expressing gratitude to the company for restoring her performance. Nevertheless, she relentlessly attacked the unelected big tech oligarchs to have her removed.

State Senator Scott Wiener was criticized for criticizing the use of the term as a slur, and Greene has the audacity to call Wiener a “communist groomer.” The term “groomer” is categorically derogatory toward LGBTQ people. It’s rabidly homophobic for Greene to say this, tweeted Wiener, a gay senate candidate from San Francisco in California.

After using the slur, Greene undoubtedly has a poor reputation among the LGBTQ population. The term “groomer” contributes to the stereotype that members of the LGBTQ community are pedophiles. It’s the same as mistreating someone. According to Weiner, anyone who refers to another person as a groomer threatens hatred against LGBTQ people.

It Is Absurd That Twitter Would Bring Back A Prominent Homophobe

Musk acquired ownership of Twitter for a payable amount of $44 billion in October 2022. The billionaire said he would not allow suspended users to return when he first took control. He said restoration work would begin once the business had established the necessary protocols. A “content moderation council” was another addition Elon Musk intended to make.

Suppose such a procedure was followed needs to be clarified. Following Musk’s illogical “yes” or “no” poll, Trump’s account was reactivated. What’s more perplexing is that after Musk bought the business, a sizable portion of Twitter’s staff, including many responsible for content moderation, were let go.

Following Musk’s unrealistic work expectations, many more employees left their jobs. Musk reportedly insisted that the remaining employees promise to be “remarkably tough” and put in extra shifts.

Returning to Marjorie Taylor Greene, she is now on the verge of losing the LGBTQ community’s favor and respect. She is now facing criticism from her party for making anti-Catholic and anti-Semitic comments.

She blatantly made fun of Weiner to get her Protect Children’s Innocence Act passed, as outrageous as that may sound. She erroneously asserts that the government must prevent communist groomers like Weiner from abusing their position of authority.

According to her, the groomers kidnap kids from their parents to make room for a lucrative medical industry, and once that happens, they cut off the kids’ genitalia before they are even old enough to vote. It is beyond gruesome and careless of Greene to say this.

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