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During The Lame-duck Session, Biden Says He Will Work On Gun Control!



Gun Control

Recent statistics show that 2020 was the year with the highest number of American deaths from gun-related injuries. The most considerable danger to America’s internal security has remained the continued use of firearms, and 2022 will be no different. On Thursday, Biden said that before the new Congress is seated, he would work to pass legislation outlawing assault weapons. Despite significant obstacles by Republican opposition, the guarantee was accepted during the lame-duck session.

Biden Hopes To Move On Gun Control

Following a week in which three mass shootings in the US occurred, Biden spoke to reporters on Thanksgiving morning. Biden expressed his displeasure, saying it was absurd that red flag laws weren’t being applied uniformly across the nation. Law enforcement officials may take firearms from people deemed to be a threat to themselves or others under the red flag law, which also typically entails a defensive criterion.

Biden Hopes To Move On Gun Control

A response to the most recent mass shootings was requested from Biden. The gun massacres at a gay dance club on Saturday evening in Colorado Springs and a Walmart on Tuesday night in Chesapeake, Virginia, had already soured many people’s spirits ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday.

The United States has a much higher gun death rate than most other countries. The US ranks very poorly among developed countries in terms of performance in enhancing cun laws. Online records of gun-related incidents in the US can be found at The Gun Violence Archive.

According to this definition, a mass shooting occurs when four or more people are shot, even if no one is hurt. In addition to criticizing the continued sale of semi-automatic weapons, Biden asserted that red-flag laws are not being upheld.

Acting on a comprehensive gun control bill

Biden ratified the “Bipartisan Safer Communities Act,” a comprehensive gun control measure, earlier this year. It strengthens some prohibitions and sanctions on purchasing firearms, per a press release issued by the White House.

Additionally, best practices for school safety that are supported by evidence will be promoted. Furthermore, the bill contains provisions that authorize grants to increase mental health support. Recognizing the importance of appropriating emergency funding for mental health resources, a provision allowing for it was included, along with other school safety measures.

The comprehensive gun legislation is thought to be the most extensive in decades. It was approved thanks to the consensus of 15 Senate Republicans and 14 House Republicans. Several semi-automatic weapons are now prohibited thanks to legislation passed by Democrats in the House of Representatives. Two Republicans voted in favor of the banning bill, while the bill received five Democratic votes against it.

America has had a bad week in terms of gun violence

A slew of tragic incidents has occurred since a handgun-wielding gunman started shooting on Tuesday night. The terrifying incident happened at a Walmart in Virginia in the break room. The shooter has so far claimed six lives and injured at least six more, according to the death toll.

Similar circumstances led to a shooter opening fire within an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs three days earlier. It resulted in the deaths of five people and the injuries of at least 25 others. Furthermore, less than a week before the shooting in Colorado, a university student in Virginia fatally shot three other schoolchildren as they were returning from a school trip.

The fact that these killers do not spare children, as evidenced by the recent mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, is even more appalling. Congress passed a bipartisan gun control bill due to this incident. Expanding background checks for individuals between 18 and 21 is one measure mentioned explicitly in this bill. The legislation was regarded as the most important in roughly three decades regarding gun control. Regrettably, it fell short of the more extensive gun control reforms that numerous activists and Democrats had demanded.

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