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The 13th Case Of Avian Flu In Nebraska Has Been Confirmed



The 13th Case Of Avian Flu In Nebraska Has Been Confirmed

Seems like the bird flu season is here again and we cannot get a hold of it. According to the reports more than 1.8 million chickens were slaughtered on a Nebraska farm after the disease was found in them.

The virus found in bird flu is spread drastically, primarily affecting humans. It is spread by wild birds who migrate across the country and spread the disease.

As we already know the Nebraska farm already killed (slaughtered) more than 50 million birds nationwide after the drastic spread of bird flu.

The Nebraska Department of Agriculture reported on Saturday that they have decided to take the 13th case of bird flu and are ready to slaughter the 1.8 million chickens. 

The State Of Nebraska Has Reported The 13th Case Of Avian Flu In The Country

The latest signs of the outbreak indicate the importance of bird slaughter across the nation. The 13th case had the egg-laying farm in the northeast region of Nebraska’s Dixon County where about 120 miles north of Omaha in Nebraska reported the case.

The 13th Case Of Avian Flu In Nebraska Has Been Confirmed

The Nebraska Department of Agriculture took the search and found the whole farms to be infected. The bird flu spread had to stop and hence the decision to slaughter was made.

This year it has been maximum and the chickens in the Nebraska farm were killed to limit the spread. It is especially important after the world went through the Covid-19 spread. 

People have already suffered a lot and now it was time to take strict action and hence the Nebraska Department of Agriculture did that.

The birds will be killed to limit the spread even though the US department of agriculture says more than 52.3 million birds have been slaughtered.

These are in the total 46 states where mostly the chickens and turkeys were for commercial farming. And with the outbreak, it was important to take such decisions. 

Nebraska had the most of them and is second only to Low’s. At the latter, more than 15.5 million birds will be killed and now 6.8 million are affected in the total 13 farms. We know how drastically they get affected and spread at a speed.

It had to stop and that is when the Nebraska Department of Agriculture decided to slaughter its chickens. The procedure is still going on and we can expect more searches and tests on the same. You cannot deny the severity of the disease and its spread among the people of America.

As we know, the spread of bird flu was controlled during the summers when the virus largely died off but this year its version has found another way. It now can linger and has started to make a resurgence this autumn.

In September we saw more than 6 million birds being slaughtered for the same reason. The return of the virus scared many and got us into a dilemma of the same.

This virus as we know is primarily spread by wild birds. They migrate across the county and contribute to its severity. The birds would show symptoms- you may see their nasal droppings that may contaminate the dust and soil and spread around.

Many commercial farms have taken the initiative to prevent their chickens from getting infected. Some are also running various diagnostic tests and taking precautionary measures to ensure the same.

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The Workers are also required to change their clothes before entering the farms and sanitize their trucks as well. The disease has to be under control and the officials and making sure of it.

Zoos have also taken many precautions and closed the exhibits to protect their birds, we can save them with the right measures!

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