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Sea Kayaking In Mexico Claims The Life Of American Yeon-Su Kim



Sea Kayaking In Mexico Claims The Life Of American Yeon-Su Kim

In one of the most shocking incidents, it was revealed that a young woman’s body was found floating over the sea in Mexico. She was none other than Yeon-Su, a University of Northern Arizona professor.

She probably went to the beach with her husband on 24th November and did not return. Both of them were reported to be lost because of the strong winds that lasted the seashore of Puerto. Puerto is also known to be a kind of rocky Island that usually experiences high tides for most of the day. 

The couple was last seen Kayaking near the place, and afterward, nobody on the beach saw them. The rescue teams have been working tirelessly, but they could not be traced at all despite every best possible kind of effort.

It was only yesterday that her body floated on the Shore. The body was immediately taken away from the water. An attempt was made to preserve the body for the purposes of identification. 

What Happened Next? 

The body was probably taken out and at that point, the family members were called so that investigation could take place with respect to the body’s identity. Yeon’s sister-in-law came, and she identified that it was the body of Yeon only.

The body was subjected to postmortem, and afterward, it was handed over to the family. No clue can be found concerning the body of Allen, who is still missing. The Rescue Team is still working to find his body around the beaches where the

Tides might have lashed against them. Every possible attempt is being made to secure this objective. Most of the areas near the beach are under investigation. It is expected that the results will be obtained if these continuous efforts are made. 

Other People Who Are Reported Missing

Apart from these two, there were other people also who were reported to be missing after this incident. In such a situation, the only concern was the government’s negligence to allow people to visit the beach at such a point in time.

After repeated cases of disappearance were reported, entry across a given area has been prohibited by considering the safety of the people, especially for the time being. 

It cannot be said with certainty that the beach would be open to all in an unconditional way anytime soon. The weather forecast is not very encouraging. That is why all preventive measures must be taken to avoid these kinds of incidence.

Small children are strictly prohibited from being taken along the beach. After all of these guidelines, these incidents are expected to subside eventually. The rescue teams have been employed in huge numbers for the safety of people, and they are playing a very effective role in this regard. 

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Is There Any Scope To Find Allen? 

It has been already mentioned that the Rescue Team is working to the best of its ability in order to find Allen as well.

Since 4 days have already lapsed, there is however a little possibility that the body would be recovered. It might have traveled to a different shore. 


It can be concluded that this kind of incident must be avoided at every point in time, especially during the time of bad weather. It is only in the light of the safety of the individuals that such a measure should be put into place.

The government is also working towards the development of a sustainable plan with the help of which the conduct of the people on the beach can be regulated to avoid these kinds of accidents in the future.

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