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Rainbow Flag-Bearing Protester Storms The World Cup Field



Rainbow Flag-Bearing Protester Storms The World Cup Field

All the football aficionados and the general population may be aware of the ongoing fiasco regarding the rainbow brigade at the FIFA World Cup. Qatar, which is in the news for all good reasons and bad, is surely going through bad times.

The rainbow brigade, the queer groups, or the non-traditional people, whatever one chooses to call them, seem to be in the headlines every other day. Recently, a protester ran onto the field carrying a rainbow flag to protest against the atrocities the LGBTQ community is going through. To know more, read on.

Protesters Run Inside The Field During Ongoing World Cup

On Monday, a protester carrying a rainbow flag, which is a sign of the LGBTQ community, ran inside the field in a blue superman dress. Some of the readers may wonder what this is all about. Well! The blue superman dress had ‘SAVE UKRAINE’ written on it. And, the back side showcased the text ‘RESPECT FOR THE IRANIAN WOMAN’. This happened during the match between Portugal and Uruguay. Now, this seems to drive three messages.

Rainbow Flag-Bearing Protester Storms The World Cup Field

For the unversed, these are the latest happenings in and around the globe.

The first one is the ongoing atrocities against the LGBTQ community, which shows its face in the Colorado Springs hate shootout.

Additionally, the killing of Iranian girl Mahsa Amini, who did not follow the directives of the hijab, as per the Iranian government has also taken the world by storm.

To top it off, the Russian invasion of Ukraine is also in the headlines every other day, showing the dark side of Putin.

The security officials at the stadium chased the man protesting inside the field and escorted him outside. Moreover, the flag was dropped somewhere inside the field. The referee picked up the flag and dropped it on the side of the field, from where one of the volunteers picked it up.

It is not yet clear if the man faced is going to face any charges. FIFA’s Media Officer, Thierry De Backer, said that he had no idea what happened to the protester. The organizers were also in the dark about the entire incident, as per the reports.

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Fans Not Allowed To Sport Rainbow Gears

According to the reports, as many as seven European teams were not allowed to wear multi-colored ‘One Love’ armbands during the matches. Moreover, fans who sported multi-colored gear were also stopped at the gates.

The conservative Islamic state does not seem to be in the mood to help in the propagation of the idea of same-sex relationships and transformations. Qatar is one of the Islamic countries which has stringent laws against such things as LGBTQ rights. However, before it was chosen as the host for FIFA, the authorities had promised leniency, which does not seem to be visible at the moment.

Officials have stated that LGBTQ fans are welcome in the country, but they have to refrain from showcasing their outlook to the general Qatari public at large. The above incident reportedly happened in Lusail Stadium during the second half of the match.

Bruno Fernandes, one of the mid-fielders from Portugal commented that he was so engrossed in the match that he was not aware of the incident. He joked that the intruder may just have wanted to take a picture with the star Cristiano Ronaldo.

Bruno Fernandes also said that he respects one and all, but he will not be able to change others’ mindsets or the political ideologies of any country. That seems to be a separate ball game altogether. Before the tournament, he had stated that ‘Football is for one and all’.

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