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Three Astronauts To Be Launched To China’s New Space Station



Three Astronauts To Be Launched To China's New Space Station

As per the latest reports from Chinese state media, it is pretty clear that under the ‘Chinese Manned Space Program,’ three Chinese astronauts from the ‘Chinese People Liberation Army Astronaut Corps’ (PLAAC) will be sent to the newly created space station named ‘Tiangong.’

From the official schedule published by the Chinese space agency, the mission’s launch date is on the 29th of November this year. 

Thus, the three astronauts will be sent to the space station on Tuesday. Reports also suggest that, on Tuesday, the astronauts will be sent aboard the space station ‘Tiangong’ with the help of their heavy-duty rocket ‘Shenzhou 15.’

The ‘Shenzhou 15’ rocket is the tenth rocket in the well-known ‘Shenzhou Program’ of the ‘Chinese Manned Space Program’ to carry crewed flight.

This present mission on ‘Shenzhou 15’ is considered one of the most significant steps toward the ‘Chinese Manned Space Program’ as it will allow China to finally have a presence in space with their native space station.

Who Are The Astronauts In The ‘Shenzhou 15’ Mission?

According to reports from the Chinese space agency, it is pretty clear that the three-man chosen for the ‘Shenzhou 15’ mission are currently one of the most experienced and well-trained astronauts available to the space agency itself.

Three Astronauts To Be Launched To China's New Space Station

The three astronauts are going to be,

  • Fei Jungling.
  • Deng Qingming.
  • Zhang Lu.

The crew will remain aboard the ‘Tiangong space station’ for six months. During that time, they will be solely responsible for manually setting up various systems present on the space station to enable it to support future missions.

During an interview, the spaceflight commander and the leading astronaut, Fei Junglong, who will be on ‘Shenzhou 15’ remarked that it is not his first time in space as he has already experienced outer space back in the year 2005 during one of china’s human-crewed space missions.

Where Will The Launch Of The Rocket Take Place?

The Chinese Space Agency states that, out of the total four main launch sites in China, the ‘Shenzhou 15’ launch will be taking place from the ‘Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center.’

The launch site is located deep within the Gobi desert itself and more than 150 miles from the nearest city of Jiayuguan in the Gansu Province.

The ‘Jiuquan Launch Center’ was originally built in 1958 as a testing facility for ‘ICBMs.’

Previously, the site was only open for CCP officials and high-ranking Space Agency officials for a visit. Still, on Monday this week, after a long time, two foreign journalists from the ‘New York Times’ were allowed to enter the premises and make a report on the status of the mission.

From Where Can One See The Launch Of The Mission?

As per the reports from the Chinese space agency, the launch will be conducted on the 29th of November this year, meaning this Tuesday around 11:08 PM local time or 10:08 AM eastern time in the USA.

The launch will be broadcast live on the Chinese state-run television network ‘CGTN’, where it will be available alongside live commentary.

The launch videos will also be available on the ‘CGTN’ official website as scheduled on the 29th of November.

What Is The Political Significance Of The Astronaut Launch?

After attaining the status of an upcoming superpower in the world, launching multiple human-crewed space missions along with an entirely natively built space station will mark China’s growing power on the world stage.

Launching the astronauts onto the ‘Tiangong’ space station also gives a message to the world about the presence of Chinese influence even at the space frontier.

The Chinese development in space also showcases the country’s development under its communist rule in the last century.

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