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Russian Envoy To Be Summoned By Canada After ‘Hateful’ LGBTQ Tweets



Russian Envoy To Be Summoned By Canada After 'Hateful' LGBTQ Tweets

There have been a lot of hate crimes against the LGBTQ community lately, which can be avoided if people are a bit more sensitive. Tolerance for queer sentiments seems to be lacking in many quarters. Canada’s Foreign Minister asked her office to summon Russia’s ambassador based in Ottawa, due to one such issue. Oleg Stepanov happens to be the ambassador in question here.

Hate Tweets Against The LGBTQ Community

The Russian embassy posted the message on Twitter a few days ago, and it seemingly contained hateful comments about the LGBTQ community. Recently, Russia approved a bill that banned all forms of LGBTQ activities in its country. The country seems to be very insensitive towards non-traditional relationships. The propaganda that was passed in Russia was against all kinds of LGBTQ activities affecting books, movies, and social media posts.

The Canadian Foreign Minister has accused the Russians of choosing hate in the face of peace. Moreover, the Foreign Minister’s deputy director of communications has mentioned in the statement, that such behavior will not be tolerated.

Hate Tweets Against The LGBTQ Community

For the unversed, Canada seems to be a very tolerant country, which is sensitive to all kinds of gender relationships, that are traditional as well as non-traditional. According to the Minister’s office, the attack is on the values and tolerance of Canadian values. Minister Melanie Jolly has asked the Global Affairs authorities to summon the Russian Ambassador.

In the tweet, which has managed to rage a controversy, there is a pride flag, which is placed inside a red circle, and a red line crosses it. This shows that the Russians are non-tolerant towards same-gender relationships. Moreover, the picture is also accompanied by several remarks. According to the same, a family mainly consists of a man, a woman, and children. This is what traditional and acceptable relations are like.

Embassy Hits At Lesbian Canadian Sports Minister

In the meanwhile, the Russian Embassy has also criticized the Lesbian Canadian Sports Minister, after she spoke against this non-traditional propaganda of the Russians. She was probably asked how she came into the world. This seems to have infuriated the Canadian authorities even more. The deputy director of communications from the Foreign Ministry, Emily Williams has said that Canada will not tolerate this character assassination of Minister Pascale St-Onge.

In an email to the ministry, Minister Pascale St-Onge mentioned that she had been deeply offended by the Russian ambassador’s comments on non-traditional sexuality. She said, that she would not tolerate any kind of non-tolerant sexual behavior on Canadian soil. She has called out for immediate action against the Russian Embassy in the wake of such events. She had also mentioned in her email that the so-called ‘Russian homophobic act’ would not work in Canada. Minister Pascale St-Onge went on to say that what Russia is doing at present is against basic human rights.

Russia has presented LGBTQ relationships in a very demeaning way in recent times. The authorities in Russia have said that such relationships are a result of western influence. As Moscow tightens its hold on Ukraine, the Russians tighten laws related to LGBTQ relationships and such propaganda in the war-torn country.

In the meanwhile, the embassy’s tweets follow the deadly shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs in the US. Additionally, there has been a lot of drama surrounding the rainbow community in the Fifa World Cup, which is currently on in Qatar. There has been a lot of intolerance in general towards the community, which is not good for society in general.

It seems that people are forgetting basic human rights and the right to choose sexual orientation. This seems to be a disgrace in today’s forward-moving society.

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