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Extension Of The REAL ID Deadline Grants US Air Travellers A Respite



Extension Of The REAL ID Deadline Grants US Air Travellers A Respite

Goodness, gracious! After the latest developments, there is a massive sigh of relief from individuals looking for a REAL ID, which is necessary for US air travel.

People should be ready for yet another reprieve because the most recent deadline for the REAL ID necessary for US aviation travel has been extended. In a significant announcement, the US federal government again postponed the need for various IDs to meet national security standards.

Driver’s licenses and other forms of identification might be included in this. By making the change, the states will have more time to provide residents with REAL IDs.

This spring’s implementation of the identification requirements was anticipated. Nevertheless, they will now be postponed. And the delay lasts for an entire additional two years, not just a few weeks. There are currently 883 days left before the deadline, which has been extended to May 7, 2025.

US Citizens Must Have A REAL ID

The deadline should be noted on calendars since US citizens traveling abroad must have a REAL ID by that time once the new deadline has been met.

Extension Of The REAL ID Deadline Grants US Air Travellers A Respite

Anyone who is 18 years of age or older and is traveling domestically on a commercial airline in the United States is required to have a REAL ID. The orders were received under the agency’s most recent deadline extension.

The ID will be required to enter some federal buildings in addition to being used for plane travel. As a result, obtaining IDs has become even more critical.

A star indicates a REAL ID at the top of the card for those unaware. The agency also made it clear that the presence of REAL IDs won’t render valid passports or any other previously approved identification. They will still be accepted.

What Led To The Extension Of The Real Id Deadline?

The approved organization in charge of running the REAL ID initiative is the Department of Homeland Security. The EPA has partially attributed the most recent extension to the Covid-19 pandemic’s residual effects.

Not only in the Americas but also globally, the pandemic has caused significantly greater problems.

State licensing authorities for drivers have drastically slowed development during the last two years. Because of the backlogs, the pandemic’s effects had caused, they had to clear them.

There were several administrative problems as well as cooperation failures during the pandemic, which could have caused backlogs and delayed the issuance of REAL IDs. The expiration dates of several carry permits were involuntarily prolonged during the severity of the pandemic.

The pandemic’s effects made the automatic renewal of identification cards necessary as well. As a result, all appointments were now required.

Another illustration is the fact that DHS extended the deadline once more last year. The FDA once more highlighted the epidemic in support of the deadline extension.

In addition to the y, others thought that the REAL ID Modernization Act’s standards needed to be put into effect. In particular, those that dealt with submitting documents electronically were included.

The Deadline Comes As A Necessary Tool Against The Pandemic Backlog

As the secretary of homeland security noted, the deadline extension is intended to allow states the necessary breathing room. The issuing appears to have been stopped due to the pandemic’s delays and backlogs.

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The organization was tasked with making sure that local inhabitants could get a license or identification card that complied with REAL ID.

It’s been a while since there were minimal security standards for travel documents. Congress passed the REAL ID Act in 2005; thus, it is older than that. The recommendations of a 9/11 commission led to the conclusion that this action was urgently needed.

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