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PepsiCo To Lay Off Hundreds Of Workers In Its Snacks & Beverages Divisions



PepsiCo To Lay Off Hundreds Of Workers In Its Snacks & Beverages Divisions

With its recent human resource management initiatives, PepsiCo, the second-largest producer of non-alcoholic beverages in the US, is creating a stir in the marketplace. PepsiCo Inc. is reportedly laying off staff, according to reports. It is widely regarded as unusual that this layoff occurs at the corporate offices of its North American snack and beverage operations.

This undoubtedly indicates that corporate austerity measures are spreading beyond the internet and media industries. According to sources with knowledge of the situation and relevant papers, this decision is expected to cause socio-economic difficulties throughout North America. Many people are anxious because many employees are expected to lose their jobs due to the alleged decisions.

The geographic reach of PepsiCo is enormous

Many industry professionals believe the changes will impact the company’s North American beverage division. Not only that, but the move will also negatively affect the company’s packaged goods and snacks operations in North America. The current headquarters for the branch mentioned above company is located in Plano, Texas, and Chicago.

Considering the variety of snacks and beverages it produces, PepsiCo is a name that every household is familiar with. PepsiCo customers range in age from young children to older adults. Not only that, either! Additionally, Pepsico sells its products in more than 200 nations because of its extensive global network of branches. The commercial juggernaut PepsiCo reported that domestic sales in the US accounted for 51% of its 2014 net revenues.

Pepsi Beverages Company North American Division

This indeed demonstrates the spread of PepsiCo products in the US. However, PepsiCo’s overseas operations, which accounted for around 49% of its total revenues, are understood to be the source of the company’s remaining earnings. The company has numerous prospects for growth due to its extensive presence in foreign marketplaces. However, it also implies that there will be significant volatility if an economic catastrophe occurs.

Furthermore, PepsiCo is experiencing an internal economic crisis comparable to that which is currently making headlines about it. Additionally, there is a chance that its brands will only be able to pass on further price increases to obligated customers. As evidenced by its official memo, PepsiCo might attempt to ignore it.

According to PepsiCo, economic action is implemented to streamline the business to run more effectively. According to additional information from numerous sources, the beverage industry will see more drastic cuts. The projection is made in light of a recent voluntary retirement program sponsored by the snacking business, eliminating several essential roles inside the corporation.

US labor market in murky waters

The current situation demonstrates that the US labor market as a whole is currently experiencing historically tight conditions. The US job market appears to be murky as firms bid up rates to attract workers from a small pool. Given the recent hiring decisions made by other significant commercial companies, many say that the economic picture is uncertain.

According to reports, officials from the FMCG company reportedly commented on handling the financial offsets in October. As a precautionary action, they would focus on cost reduction to ease the strain from their slim profit margins. Additionally, PepsiCo raised the price of its products, joining a number of other businesses in doing so, and is now planning to lay off a sizable portion of its workforce.

Despite being a successful commercial enterprise today, PepsiCo faces intense competition from other businesses. Coca-Cola is the market leader among competitors in the non-alcoholic beverage sector, with equal stakes and a global presence to PepsiCo. Other well-known rivals include the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group and Monster Beverage. PepsiCo’s future might recover from the present condition, given its past economic success. Let’s hope for the best that everything turns out fine. 

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