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Columbus Police Has Seen Proud Boys Gang Members High-Hiving



Columbus Police Has Seen Proud Boys Gang Members High-Hiving

Recent reports have been coming from Columbus, located in the state of Ohio in the USA, that a local officer from the police station has been seen giving a high-five to one of the ‘Proud Boys’ protestors.

The event was captured in a video by a woman who supported LGBTQ rights and, as a result, was horrified about the event.

During the video, the woman asks the Columbus police officer named ‘Sgt. Dyer’ but the reason behind doing the high-five with such an extreme anti-LGBTQ group.

The sergeant had replied that he was trying to calm the situation and offer peace to both the ‘pro-LGBTQ’ and ‘anti-LGBTQ’ protesters. Sgt. Dyes also stated that he was pro-first amendment. As a result, he would stop anyone from protesting their frustrations and problems to the government but still wanted to prevent the protesters from committing violence.

The event took place at the ‘Columbus Private School’ during the weekend story-time event, which featured many drag performers.

Who Recorded The Video?

The video was recorded by a person named ‘Afam Sparks, who was also attending the story-time event taking place over the weekend at ‘Columbus Private School.’ 

Columbus Police Has Seen Proud Boys Gang Members High-Hiving

Later he gave an interview regarding his views on the incident where he stated that this is highly unbelievable that someone can high-five or show respect to a white extremist nationalist group who are very unpopular among the ‘LGBTQ’ communities for supporting ‘anti-LGBTQ’ movements and even indulging in violence against the supporters of ‘LGBTQ rights.’

Since Spark recorded the video, it has already spread to the farthest reaches of the internet, and many people have criticized the Columbus officer for showing humility to such an extreme group but officer Sgt. Dyes clarified that he is not an ‘anti-LGBTQ’ supporter nor a ‘pro-Proud Boys supporter, but he wants to protect everyone’s right to protest peacefully.

The viewpoint of the Sergeant was also made more apparent by another well-known reporter from ‘10TV’ named ‘Bryant Somerville’ during his interview with Sparks.

Bryant also stated that the police in a community must maintain peace and Sgt. Dyes only did his duty by allowing both groups to protest their views.

Bryant, on his part, has also received criticism from the ‘pro-LGBTQ’ supporters and Adam Sparks that even though they all agree with the ‘1st Amendment,’ the proud boy’s group is a hazardous white nationalist hate organization that does not deserve any support.

Sparks also mentioned during his interview that the story-time event, including many drag performers, was a way to show support and kindness towards many gay children and younger people who often feel excluded from society.

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But, the ‘Proud Boys group’ was there to protest against the event at Colorado private high school and disrupt the event.

Thus, he stated it was unbelievable when an officer from the local Columbus police station was seen high-fiving the ‘Proud Boys Group members.

Who Are ‘Proud Boys’?

‘Proud Boys’ are a collection of far-right extremist groups with over a hundred members spread throughout forty-six states of the USA and are known for using violence during their protests.

Many members are known for insight mass shootout events at many ‘LGBTQ’ gatherings and schools.

The groups are regulated by the ‘National proud Boys Organization,’ which allows the more minor factions of the group to gain support from members spread over a large area during their protests against the ‘LGBTQ’ community.

The ‘Proud Boys group is also known for having many members who still believe in the white supremacist theory’ and many ‘anti-semitic’ ideologies.

The central ideology of the ‘Proud Boys group is to spread ‘misogynistic,’ ‘Islamophobic,’ and ‘anti-LGBTQ’ views among the public. 

Interestingly during Trump’s administration, many of the members of ‘The Proud Boys Group’ were also involved in rushing Capitol Hill and inciting violence against the people.

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