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The Granddaughter Of Todd & Julie Chrisley’s Biological Mother Is Battling For Full Custody



The Granddaughter Of Todd & Julie Chrisley's Biological Mother Is Battling For Full Custody

As news of a fierce custody battle is all set to take place, many of the readers may be wondering who the Chrisleys, are. For the unversed, the Chrisley family is a family of American reality television personalities. Todd Chrisley leads the family as the father figure with Julie Chrisley, his wife.

They have five children, named Grayson, Chase, Savannah, Kyle, and Lindsie. Todd also has two grandchildren. The family is famous for their show ‘Chrisley Knows Best. One can catch up with the Chrisley Family on USA Network.

More On The Chrisley Family  

The family has gained a lot of popularity in the last seven years, owing to their extravagant lifestyle and display of wealth. However, the couple has been charged under several sections of the law very recently. They were found guilty of stopping justice from prevailing, as well as tax and loan frauds. The sentence was scheduled to start on October 6th, 2022.

The Chrisley Family  

Now, it is a huge blow for the couple, who have managed to amass a huge amount of wealth by way of their shows and podcast. Furthermore, Todd Chrisley seems to have made huge money from the Georgia property marketing deals, as well. However, after their major crimes came to the forefront and they were held guilty, all hell broke loose.

They are under house arrest at present. The couple and the family have been sentenced to 19 years in prison. However, the mother of the adopted child Chloe is not taking things lying down. Angela Johnson is Chloe’s biological mother who has started the custody battle. She has revealed, that this is not the first time, she has taken up the matter.

Angela Johnson has said that although the legalities have not yet begun, she is in the process. According to her, she had started the process long back. However, she did not know where the case would land, as the family lived in multiple states.

Custody Battle To Start Now

Chloe Chrisley happens to be the daughter of Todd Chrisley’s son Kyle and ex-wife Angela Johnson. Chloe got adopted in 2016 after Kyle lost the custody battle. Todd happened to win custody from Angela when she was proven guilty of Medicaid fraud.

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Moreover, Angela has claimed that the Chrisley family had cut her off intentionally from her daughter. However, she is not ready to take things lying down any longer. Especially after the court sentence of the couple, Angela has sprung into action once again, to regain the custody of her child.

Angela seems to be wary of the entire process and is not sure about the next course of action. According to her, Savannah, who is one of the daughters of Todd and Julie Chrisley, could get the charge to take care of her younger brother, Grayson, and Chloe. Angela wants to submit a plea against this decision, as she happens to be the biological mother.

In the meanwhile, the Chrisley family has not even mentioned her in front of their daughter, Chloe. Furthermore, that seems to sadden her all the more. Chloe, 10 years, who has been away from Angela for the last six years does not even recognize the mother now.

Angela is looking forward to having Chloe back at home, so she can live with two of her other children. However, things seem to be going against what Angela wants. There have been discussions about Chloe’s custody in one of the recent episodes of the ‘Unlocked’ podcast, out in public now. Savannah and Julie were heard saying, that Chloe was already aware of the conviction charges, and was trying to come to terms with the same.

The family is in no mood to give back Chloe to Angela, it seems. Now, one has to wait for the story to unfold. Till then, many speculations will be doing the rounds.

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