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Margot Robbie Reveals She Wants Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy’s Romance In DC Movies



Margot Robbie Reveals She Want Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy's Romance In DC Movies

While fans are awaiting to see Harley and her stunts once again on the big screen, Margot Robbie, who played the role, prefers her character to be lesbian in the upcoming movie. On Tuesday, Robbie admitted that she is pushing the iconic DC antihero to be queer in the new movie, just like Harley has been portrayed in the comic series. 

Robbie said that she has been pushing this for years, and added that she cannot express how hard she wants it. She revealed it in an interview with, intending some fans want it too. 

Margot Robbie Wishes So Hard For Harley Vs Poison Ivy Queer Romance In Next Harley Quinn Movie

In the DC comic series, Harley is portrayed as a bisexual, who initially hooked up with joker in a toxic relationship. Later on, we see Harley unites with Poison Ivy, her fellow evil-doer in the series. 

Margot Robbie Wishes So Hard For Harley Vs Poison Ivy Queer Romance In Next Harley Quinn Movie
Source: Republic World

When Robbie was asked which actress she thinks suits Poison Ivy’s live action on the screen, she said she could not picture any specific actress to give life to Ivy’s actions. However, she always pictures it like that the portrayal in the comic, but she believes it would be so good having an actress doing it. 

Formerly, Robbie had said that she has been chewing Warner Bros.’s ear off all the time since she is keen to see Harley-Poison Ivy romance on screen. She also admitted that she will keep pestering them since she thinks it would be so much fun. 

The two supervillain characters have been in the limelight ever since the animated series began on HBO Max. Currently, the third season of the comic has been screening on by officially declaring Harley and Ivy as couples. Whereas, the first two former seasons only hinted about their future knot as we have seen them occasionally flirting with each other. But, in the third season, fans are obviously stunned and experience the fun of watching them together in a passionate relationship. 

However, the fans haven’t seen Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy together in live action yet. In Batman and Robin (1997),  Uma Turman portrayed this evil antihero, and in Batwoman (2019), the same was played by Mary Hamilton.

As of now, the DCU has not revealed any clue about making the character appear on the screen. Hopefully, since director James Gunn admires working with Robbie in Suicide Squad, the romance between the two supervillains probably be one of the greatest story elements of his own version of the series. 

If Gunn has plans to bring this onto the screen, it would certainly please Robbie, while giving her an enormous return, than the previous ones. Unfortunately, this storyline still has to wait for longer, as the latest movie Joker 2 has a plot that is more focused on Joker himself rather than the antiheroines. In this movie, Harley is going to get a new adaptation, still, the latest signs indicate that it won’t be so long before Harley ties up with Poison Ivy as Robbie has been pushing like crazy. 

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