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LGBTQ Agenda: Security Matters In CA Be Tackled By The New Bill



LGBTQ Agenda Security Matters In CA Be Tackled By The New Bill

The reporter of the bay made it clear that the new bill will help to lessen the mounting threats and will make it easier for the candidates, their families, the elected officials, and especially the employees to protect themselves. The East Bay assembly member introduced this bill as it is unfortunate but the need of today, which is clearly an insightful decision.

The east Bay legislative assembly member, Mia Bonta(D-Oakland) introduced the bill on December 6, which is based on act 37 of Parliament. Although the bill is still in working condition since October, Bonta’s chief staff said that the introduction of the bill was pure coincidence. The assembly member, Buffy Wicks (D-Oakland) supported the Bill and the gay state senator Scott Wiener (D- San Francisco) was with him as the supporter. 

LGBTQ Agenda: California Politicians Seek Legislation To Address Security Concerns

The protection system in the Bill includes security systems and security personnel. Also, this bill would expand the existing law by allowing the candidates and elected officials to protect themselves and can use their campaign funds for that. The currently permitted AB 37 will mirror at the federal level.

LGBTQ Agenda Security Matters In CA Be Tackled By The New Bill

The main reason behind the introduction of the Bill was the threat issue against Wiener. It is reported to have said in the early morning, someone had issued a bomb threat against Weiner, mentioning his home address and also threatening him that they will shoot his Capitol office. He also stated that in the email, it is written that they will kill him and call him a groomer and pedophile. He just released this news on December 6, through an online news portal.

Wiener is not being attacked for the first time; he faced such strikes before mainly because he worked for the LGBTQ. On one occasion, Senate Bill 107, signed into law by Gavin Newsom, in which there is a provision to offer a sanctuary to trans children and their families, for families who are migrating from States such as California, Texas, and Florida tried their best to avoid any kind of gender discrimination and all other services.

So those against this minority community have some strong feelings of hatred towards them and this resulted in the threat being followed by other anti-social issues.

 Wiener and also his staff getting this type of physical and psychological abuse in a continuous way from a number of sources. He was called a communist groomer and again accused of using political power to collect children from their parents for his own medical profit. 

The Bay area reporter previously reported that Wiener authored SB 923, which simply requires healthcare professionals who can interact with transgender, gender non-conforming, and intersex patients, and it also included provisions such as cultural skill development programs. Their aim is to create online directories, which provide gender-affirming services.

The need to pass the bill is mainly due to the gender-biased mentality of some civilians. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people in the US are facing discrimination in their daily lives.

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In addition to this, HIV criminalization laws are also adopted. HIV-positive people should be prosecuted if they transmit this deadly disease intentionally.

Not only Wiener but several other officers as a part of this law were also threatened by these anti-social people. Dr.Richard pan received similar kinds of threats for his support for LGBTQ.

As public servants they are suffering a lot, they are not able to get enough time to spend with their families too. They deserve special appreciation, especially proposing this bill for supporting LGBTQ.

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