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A Man Tried To Attack Sen. Ted Cruz’s Daughter



A Man Tried To Attack Sen. Ted Cruz's Daughter

In one of the recent incidents, it has been reported that Police were called to Sen. Ted Cruz’s home in Houston. It happened last Tuesday night. A teenager was said to have stabbed himself brutally and hence was bleeding to death in his new place.

According to internal sources, the police department has confirmed that around 8 p.m. on the same day, they received a tip that a boy with self-inflicted injuries on his arms was found near River Oaks. 

This was precisely where the lawmaker lived with his wife and daughters. After the Police came, the teenager was immediately taken to the hospital, and a medical facility was provided to save his life. By this point, it was not at all sure that any member of Cruz’s Family was involved in making a call to the Police.

The Police spontaneously started the investigation, and the security for the republican’s house also increased. The situation is under control, and the teenager is also doing well for the time being. 

What Does Cruz Have To Say About This? 

The senior officials have made no official statement. Instead, he has asked for his Family’s privacy and affirmed that his Family is entirely safe and no harm has been incurred till now.

It, however, believed that Cruz’s daughter has to do something with the whole incident. That is one of the most important reasons why he is not trying to solve the case or even speak about the same in public. 

A Man Tried To Attack Sen. Ted Cruz's Daughter

Ted Cruz tweeted two days expressing his gratitude towards the police department for providing them with the best security against such unfortunate incidence as and when required. However, every possible attempt is made by the police department to unravel the truth so that action can be taken against the culprit. 

What Are The Police Doing Right Now? 

The Police have investigated the Crime scene, and no traces of any involvement of a third party can be found. According to the evidence collected, the wounded man’s footprints and fingerprints could only be discovered at the Crime scene.

After sufficient interrogation, it was found that the man wanted to attack the daughter of Ted Cruz. He had prepared himself with all the equipment, but as he tried climbing up the wall to reach her room, he landed on the ground. In this process, he injured himself as the knife was stuck in his arm, resulting in excessive bleeding. 

It was also discovered that he had been chasing the politician’s daughter for a long time, and a complaint against him had also been lodged at the police station. Additional security was provided to Ted Cruz after this incident.

No public announcement of the final investigation report has been made because it is a matter of the reputation of the Family, and Ted does not want to affect that in any way. Even his daughter needs time to recover from the events that followed her in the last few days. 

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The police department has cooperated with the Family in the best possible way. It is only if the Family requests that an action in a court of law be taken against the required personality.

This is the perfect execution of the law and justice system and it is only with the help of this system that proper protection could be provided to the citizens of a country.

All the situation has been put to rest for the time being and it is expected to continue the same way in the coming future. 

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