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Chicago Private School Supports LGBTQ Sex Ed: Boosts Security Following Right-Wing Viral Video



Chicago Private School Supports LGBTQ Sex Ed Boosts Security Following Right-Wing Viral Video

LGBTQ sex ed is necessary because it helps LGBT people from facing many issues like homophobic bullying, saving them from many self-esteem problems like low morale, depression, etc.

Some benefit of being an ally to LGBTQ people is that you are making yourself open with a close relation to same-gender friends. You can be the reason for generating some self-esteem in them by giving them moral support. You can be a role model for many, as many can learn from you being with LGBTQ people. It can result that many people will be in close relationships with LGBTQ persons.

What Are The Consequences After The Right-Wing Video Went Viral?

A school in Chicago needs to tighten its security after a video of its dean’s visit to Francis W.Parker School talking with some high schoolers went viral. It included the conversation related to the queer sex health of the school students. The video of that conversation was recorded somehow and edited before getting posted.

After the video went viral, the Parker School leader sent a letter with deep condolence that their colleague’s words had been severely misrepresented for a nasty means. This letter supports their faculty and staff members’ affirmation of LGBTQ sex education. The school asked the local alderman of the US to look into the issue.

The alderman expanded the security measure around the school campus. While talking to Mr. Bruno, Parker School’s dean, an operative captured the video. He was disguised as an attendee of the National Association of Independent Schools held last week.

The video states that during lunchtime, high Schoolers from Howard Brown Health presents a lecture on queer sex health. It includes some sex toys for briefing the students. Bruno cross-dressed himself, recorded the video, and mentioned the storytime.

Before making its view on social media and news sites, the video already has 4 million views across the globe. Fox News picked up the tape at a quick pace, and it’s trended on Twitter by Expose Groomers. The video also shows that James O’ Keefe was asking the parents if they were aware that their children were given sex toys or not. He speaks so loudly for the elementary school students to hear̥.

Immediately after it, he was asked to leave by a parent volunteer. The American Federation of teachers posted a ‘heavy spliced’ about the misinterpretation of the accusation of teacher misconduct.

A school in Ohio canceled a drag-queen storytime after a video went viral on Twitter earlier this month. For some awareness regarding the news, Chicago Private School has decided to set up an assembly.

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The Chicago affiliate of NPR is reporting on the Project Veritas video, which claims that a Chicago school handed out sex toys

Giving out dildos and butt plugs to underage students is an offense committed by the school. Project Veritas states that the students were charged $40000 in tuition. Being libertarian, adults fully consent to do whatever they want in a home.

Bruno noted that some drag queens were passed for quickies and brownies. The schoolers were using lube and spit while talking about queer sexual health. In response to Fox News, the school does not deny anything that happened, as stated by Joseph Bruno, the school’s dean.

Furthermore, the questions were likely to be if the students were given a lecture on queer sexual health. People are curious to know the experts’ responsibilities if they provide sexist products to students inside the school premises.

However, to this, the school authorities mentioned nothing. They also did not reply if they were affirmative about the racist policy based on skin tones.

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