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Reaction Of A Wisconsin LGBTQ Couple To The Respect For Marriage Act



Reaction Of A Wisconsin LGBTQ Couple To The Respect For Marriage Act

Same-sex marriage is a prominent topic in the USA today after the passing of the new bill. Moreover, this is a small success for the LGBTQ Community as the White House recently passed a bill in favor of same-sex marriage.

Although there were protests from many sides, the House finally thought about protecting same-sex marriages in the nation.

The House of Representatives supports same-sex marriage and considers the passing of the Respect of Marriage Act as a nationwide law. A Wisconsin Couple expressed their excitement over this news.

Charlie Nash and JR Witt tied the knot in 2012 when same-sex marriage was not legal. So, they shifted to Minnesota from Wisconsin and celebrated their Big Day.

They had to fight for their rights for such a long time. But the ultimate result of the protest made them successful in the long run.

Respect For Marriage Act: A New Ray Of Hope

Witt and Nash are active members of a popular LGBTQ organization in Wisconsin named Out Families. They always dreamed of America legalizing same-sex marriage and ensuring they enjoyed all the legal rights like any other normal couple in the country.

Reaction Of A Wisconsin LGBTQ Couple To The Respect For Marriage Act

Although it took a long time, 2022 made it possible. Therefore, the Respect for Marriage Act is undoubtedly a ray of hope for all LGBTQ couples.

There is no doubt that The House is now supporting the LGBTQ community, and soon the bill will turn into an Act. However, the existing federal law still does not make the ruling compulsory on the part of all the states.

It implies that any state can still oppose the rule and abstain from issuing the marriage certificate to any same-sex couple. Hence, this is a matter of concern for the Wisconsin couple. The duo wants no one to suffer to celebrate marriage in Wisconsin like them.

The state must consider the LGBTQ Community with seriousness and ensure that the future of these married couples is secured in all respects.

Opinion Of The Wisconsin Couple

The Wisconsin couple is thrilled after the announcement of the Same-sex marriage bill in relation to the Respect for Marriage Act. Moreover, they expect that the small victory of this day will cover all the states in the coming time.

Nash stated, “If the law passes from state to state in the USA, every family will rejoice and spend their time without any tension”. Therefore, the couple is waiting for a Golden Future when no additional adjective will sit before the marriage accepting same-sexes. The ritual will only have one name, and that is marriage.

Out Families President JR Witt remarked that the final decision of the House after so many petitions and appeals is genuinely overwhelming. Moreover, he also added that the LGBTQ Community belongs to society only, and hence they should also have the same rights as any other native American.

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Not legalizing same-sex marriage means considering a vast group of people outside society. When these people can work, talk and pay taxes like anybody else, why can’t they marry as per their choice?

Witt said they expected the passing of such a Bill from The House in the summertime only. The situation began when the court overturned the case of Roe Vs. Wade.

Of course, the LGBTQ community members were taking too much tension as there were high chances of turning down this proposal as well. But somehow, the hope was always present in their hearts that The House would decide in support of same-sex marriage.

Last Thursday brought new hope for the LGBTQ people for which they had been waiting for so long. It is now expected that soon the bill will convert into an Act making same-sex marriage legal for everyone in the country, irrespective of the state.

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