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EctoLife The First Artificial Womb Facility – The Future Of Humanity



EctoLife The First Artificial Womb Facility - The Future Of Humanity

A new scientific technology has hit the world. Needless to say, it will undoubtedly benefit everyone. The world’s first artificial womb is here and in style. There are many women, who do not have the health resources to carry a baby in their womb, due to medical conditions.

So, one must have seen, that many miscarriages occur, leading to the death of the foetus. However, the artificial womb promises to make things easy.

Artificial Womb – The Future Of Humanity

For some 100 years, if not more, fertility rates have been going downhill. There might soon be a time when there would be fewer humans on earth than required to maintain the ecological balance. The Infertility Crisis seems to be afloat overhead, for a long time now.

It is not something new that has emerged suddenly. The idea was already there, and scientists had been working on the same since 2017. In the same year, scientists created the ‘BioBag’, which functioned as an artificial uterus. A baby lamb was grown in one such BioBag.

Artificial Womb – The Future Of Humanity

Hashem Al-Ghaili, who happens to be a Biotechnologist from Yemen, has been working in the field for a long time. He is the one who has created EctoLife, which is an artificial womb. In the future, it could be an option for couples who are unable to bear a child. The long waiting times to adopt a child could be given a miss if this technology surfaces.

Moreover, the mortality rate of pregnant women can also get affected. Many women expire during childbirth, due to blood loss and other complications. If such a mechanism comes into the medical field, things can change for the better. The worrying reproductive statistics could have prompted the scientific genius to come up with such an option.

The Need For A New Way To Give Birth Answered

According to the World Health Organisation, more than ten percent of couples, who are of reproductive age are infertile. In the last century, fertility rates have gone down due to numerous reasons. Lifestyle issues are the ones that should be blamed for the same.

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Dependence on smoking, alcohol, and eating too many fatty foods, has affected the human body in various ways. Many women also postpone motherhood till the late 30s, which leads to conception issues. The countries that are in the red zone are Thailand, Japan, S. Korea, Spain, and Portugal. However, these are just on the top, while a dozen others may follow suit.

The usage of fertility treatments has also gone up today, owing to the difficulties associated with getting pregnant. According to the creator of EctoLife, the artificial womb can be the perfect solution for all women who cannot conceive. Many women also have their uterus removed due to diseases. Moreover, there are men who have very low sperm counts. If this science fiction or new technology actually gets the legal nod, life will get easy.

Although this may seem new, in the year 1978, a girl called Louise Brown was successfully grown in a Petri dish. She happens to hold the title of the first baby born through In Vitro Fertilisation. The children born in this manner have led happy and healthy lives. Additionally, they can also give birth to biological children of their own.

The BioBag happens to be a big thing, in this field of reproductive sciences, as the scientists grew lambs in such bags. The gestation period was similar to that of a human, interestingly. In the year 2021, a few scientists from Israel also managed to grow mice in such wombs. So, according to the creator, Hashem Al-Ghaili, EctoLife is the reality and future of childbirth.

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