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Illegal Dumping: Arizona’s GOP Governor Accused



Illegal Dumping Arizona's GOP Governor Accused

Recently the sheriff of Arizona has accused Governor Doug Ducey. This acquisition has been concerning the practice of illegal dumping that has been continuing for a long time. This dumping is an effort to put the shipping containers to utilization to fill the gaps along the state’s southern border with Mexico. The government authorities have decided to take strict action against these law violators. 

First of all, an attempt would be made to determine if the entire situation lies within the country’s jurisdiction. Only after the jurisdiction has been determined will the proceedings take place. The containers have been placed on the land belonging to the nation’s forest department.

Including this land in the illegal activity of dumping is completely illegal. This is nothing less than a criminal act and has got its consequences. The investigations have already started, and reports are being prepared. This is one of the most important aspects that must be considered before proceeding. 

What Is The Issue? 

Ducey placed all the containers between the openings of the border wall. These containers are as tall as 22 feet and have been covered with the help of wires. The officer has been repeatedly warned to shun his practice as soon as possible.

However, the officer is not ready to comply with the Government orders until and unless the Biden administration passes official notification. This project has been named the border Barrier mission. According to the Arizona administration, the Biden government fails to provide adequate security on the border. 

Arizona's GOP Governor Accused Of 'Illegal Dumping' Over Border Wall

This is a dereliction of duty on the part of the Government. All of these arrangements have been made by the Government to crack down on the cartels, which reduce the level of healthy competition within a country’s market.

The placement of the containers on the borders prevents the chances of the arrival of the dumped products within the premises. However, the results that have been achieved are not that promising, and the Government has been attempting to reach out to the governors as soon as possible so that an effective solution could arrive. 

The chances of negotiation between the two levels of the Government have been reduced due to the increasing cold war. This type of shipping technique can even cause border issues with the neighboring countries of The United States of America.

That is why it is considered to be a threat to the internal safety and external security of the nation as a whole. It is a matter of national importance and must be discussed in the first place before the same becomes much more complicated. 

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Issues That Matter

The question of regionality and sovereignty becomes important, and the governments have to be very particular concerning the jurisdiction before thinking of any effective solution. The concept of dumping can be proved in Association with the territory and the control over the same.

The shipping containers have been prohibited from getting Exchanged within the different countries. All the negotiations have been put on hold, and it has become urgent to get this solved. 

Final Words

It is only with the help of adequate protection that the status of the competition in the country of the United States of America can be protected from unwanted dumping duties.

International relationships are also at stake because the imposition of anti-dumping duties is not promoted by any country. A detailed plan of action has to be put into place so that the interest of each and every stakeholder is taken into consideration

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