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LGBTQ Activist Questions The Background Of Non-Binary Biden Official Sam Brinton



LGBTQ Activist Questions The Background Of Non-Binary Biden Official Sam Brinton

An ex-employee of the US Energy Department, accused of theft at the airport, has been dismissed. The said employee, named Sam Brinton is no longer a government employee according to a statement released by the board.

The person in question supposedly stole luggage at two airports, which led to the issuance of an arrest warrant in Las Vegas. However, there is more to it, and that is what the entire fiasco is all about. Find out more on this here. 

Former Nuclear Energy Official Accused

Sam Brinton has hit the headlines, as reports of him stealing luggage at two of the US airports get reported. Minnesota and Las Vegas police are investigating the incident. 

LGBTQ Activist Questions The Background Of Non-Binary Biden Official Sam Brinton

The said occurrence probably took place a few months ago and came to light some time back. In a recent spate of events, Sam Brinton was put on suspension mode, as he was accused of stealing a lady’s branded bag at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport in September.

In another case in July, a suitcase went missing at Las Vegas’ Harry Reid International Airport. Both cases were closed as the police and related authorities could not identify the accused from the CCTV camera footage.

However, things turned sour for Sam Brinton after the Las Vegas police reopened the case in November 2022. After several policemen tried to identify the offender, one finally zeroed in upon the same.

The identified happened to be none other than the DOE employee Sam Brinton. An arrest warrant was issued, with his pictures published in almost all national dailies.

The Las Vegas police had to issue a felony arrest warrant, on larceny charges. He also happens to be one of the first employees openly gay employees.

Charges Against Sam Brinton.,l̥.

Brinton was quickly identified from the July 6 footage at Harry Reid International Airport. According to the owner, the bag and its contents amount to $3,670.74. The woman also reported that the bag contained jewelry that was valued at $1,700 and makeup as well.

He faces a punishment of five-year in prison and a fine of $10,000 or maybe both. He is supposed to appear for a hearing in court on December 19. At first, he was charged with felony theft for the incident at Minneapolis airport.

However, the second charge was also proved last week. The same occurred at the Las Vegas airport. So, it seems that Sam Brinton is in a tight spot now, with legal charges gathering up.

In recent times, several people from the LGBTQ community reported the harassment they faced in childhood. Moreover, many have taken this opportunity to turn into activists and have also managed to bag top positions.

A noteworthy LGBTQ activist named Wayne Besen has been examining Brinton’s story to date. It is mainly about him being subjected to anti-gay conversion therapy.

It is believed that Sam Brinton could have fabricated the story, to gain a prominent foothold in society. This can undermine the efforts of the actual survivors.

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Besen started unfolding the sequence of events with the then younger, Sam Brinton’s interview in 2010. He had reported publicly how he went through years of abuse at the hands of his father, who came to know about his orientation at the age of 11.

He had also garnered sympathy from the community at large by reporting about the anti-gay therapy, Aversion therapy, that he was subjected to.

When Besen tried to reach out to know about the therapist and the clinic name, he possibly did not receive any response.

There seem to be several loopholes in Brinton’s sob story, as per the activist. He slammed all the media houses which supported Sam Brinton and led him to such a high position. The Department of Energy has not commented on this matter, to date. 

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