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The LGBTQ Community Of Kansas City Hosts A Benefit For Club Q Victims At Fountain Haus



The LGBTQ Community Of Kansas City Hosts A Benefit For Club Q Victims At Fountain Haus

The world by now has come to know about the hate shooting at Club Q, which is located in Colorado Springs. The cause of the mass shooting that left five dead and many more injured were the members of the LGBTQ community.

Although such people want to live normal lives and enjoy the rights of life, such as marriage and equality, many feel otherwise. This has led to a trend of hate crimes against the community.

Many members of the community have come forward in recent times, to cover the funeral costs of the dead victims and the hospitalization costs of the injured. Find out what follows next.

KC LGBTQ Community Raise Funds

For the unversed, the hate shooting took place at Club Q, located in Colorado Springs a week back. Seventeen organizations joined hands to organize the fundraiser on Sunday.

The LGBTQ Community Of Kansas City Hosts A Benefit For Club Q Victims At Fountain Haus

Kansas City’s LGBTQ community members joined hands to raise more money for the victims, as the previously raised funds by others, fell short.

Colorado Springs, close to Denver, seems to be a different place, but the organizations came together to show unity within the community. Justin Short leads as the District Commissioner of the community in Kansas City and also said that they are one. So, the entire community of ‘queer people, came together in remembrance and for fundraising.

Fountain Haus is a restaurant-cum-bar in Westport, in the heart of the city. And it is dedicated to the LGBTQ community. There are lots of entertainment avenues at the hotspot for the ‘queer’.

Anyone above the legal age of 21 years, is welcome at Fountain Haus. That is where the entire community gathered for the event. The incident also happened at a similar space Club Q, as this, which makes it all the more significant.

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Club Haus Event – A Success

The event that was organized at Fountain Haus is a remembrance event and fundraiser. However, it also guaranteed community support to all LGBTQ members, no matter what the situation was like.

The event happened to be an uplifting and encouraging one. There was a lot of optimism afloat in the air. However, Short was still very worried about the safety of the community shortly. They have increased security at the place, due to recent events.

The House has passed an amendment that protects same-sex marriages as well. The votes stood at 258-169 with several Democrats and Republicans voting for it. The new law will henceforth be known as the ‘Respect for Marriage’ law.

And, it will apply to all traditional as well as non-traditional relationships. This law is up against the old ‘Defense of Marriage Act, which denied Federal benefits to same-sex couples. Even after the epic judgment, a section of society is still not supportive enough of such relationships.

Most of the hate crimes occurring in the USA at the moment are either targeted at same-sex couples or revolve around racism. So, it is a bit worrying at one point. Despite the approval of the legislature, many sections are still reluctant to accept the ‘non-traditional’.

Moreover, the entire community is living in fear to date.  However, the heads of such communities are organizing more awareness and celebration events to show solidarity. They also aim to drive the message across that the community will fight back if required.

According to the members, no one is getting scared anytime soon. The community will continue to oppose those who oppose them with all their might. And that is something, which was quite evident at the Fountain Haus event in Kansas City.

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