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Is Paul Pelosi Gay? What Really Happened To Him?



Is Paul Pelosi Gay? What Really Happened To Him?

The news is shocking. It was found from the sources that A man broke into San Francisco, which is the home of Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The man got into Nancy Pelosi’s house at 2:00 am. It was Oct 28 Friday and Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul. 

The stranger beat Paul so badly that he was admitted to hospital. He got injured, and it took a lot of time to repair a hard fracture in the skull by surgery. 

Police Debunk Anti-Gay Conspiracy About Paul Pelosi Attack

The Police admitted that David debate got into Pelosi’s home through a back entrance. When Police entered the room, they saw that Paul Pelosi and David dePape were struggling to get a hammer to attack each other with that hammer. 

Police Debunk Anti-Gay Conspiracy About Paul Pelosi Attack

Unfortunately, David dePape got the hammer. Police instructed them to drop their weapon, but David dePape did not drop his hammer, and he attacked Paul Pelosi hard with the hammer while holding Pelosi’s hand. It was a violent attack by David dePape on Paul Pelosi.

It all started with a previous break-in: 

It is speculated everywhere that David dePape broke into the home in search of the Speaker who announced that “who is Nancy?” currently available in Washington D.C. It was the same incident as insurrectionists roaming the Capitol on Jan 6. 

David dePape woke Paul up and asked for his wife, and Paul said that his wife was not there. 

After getting this answer from Paul, dePape tried to tie Paul Pelosi with rope and zip. But somehow, Paul tried to escape from this situation, and he did. He went into the bathroom and called 911, leaving the phone, and he struggled a lot.

It was found that dePape was charged with assault on Monday and tried kidnapping and murder. 

Some other allegations and charges that applied to dePape are attacking with weapons and abusing elders, and he also got an allegation of attempted kidnap in a U.S. official. 

It was charged that might be applied to dePape by the U.S. attorney’s office of the northern district of California. According to the U.S., the attorney’s office can put dePape into prison for at least 50 years. 

It was reported by the  San Francisco District attorney to CNN’s Josh Campbell on Oct 31st that it was an assassination attack, and in the final, the attacks got aggressive by dePape. The way dePape attacked shows that dePape tried to kill Paul Pelosi.

In a sworn, it was found that the alleged attacker told law enforcement that he tried to take Nancy Pelosi on remand for interrogation. 

They told Nancy Pelosi that they would not hurt her if she answered the questions straightforwardly. 

But he would break her kneecaps if she did not answer the questions. It was stated by dePape that he was almost sure that Nancy would not answer his questions. 

It was the interrogation conducted by a special agent named Stephanie Minor, an expert in investigating domestic terror attacks in the country. 

Above is the record of a criminal complaint. dePape further said that Pelosi called at  9-1-1 he was going against tyranny as he did not have any other option.

He can not surrender himself as well. According to Jenkins’s point of view, the house of Pelosi was specially targeted, and there must be a political motive. Jenkins says all these are conspiracy theories.

According to Jenkins, the stranger directly entered the house, and he was searching for Ms. Pelosi. 

Further, Jenkins was clear that when they entered the room, there were only two people; the first was the suspect, and the second was Mr. Pelocy. Jenkins further says they don’t have any evidence to determine whether they ever met before the incident.

The False Male prostitution Rumour:

On Saturday night ( one day after the attack), a Santa Monica observer published an article titled “The Awful Truth: Paul Pelosi Was Drunk Again, And In a Dispute With a Male Prostitute Early Friday Morning.” 

The False Male prostitution Rumour

This story was a hoax as it claims that Paul Pelosi got drunk, met Depape at the bar, and brought him to his house. 

Here the word “drunk again” word shows the arrest of Pelosi’s arrest in May 2022 for driving influentially. 

After this incident, he spent five days in prison and three years of probation.

The story Observer also claimed that dePape was a male prostitute. According to the story, the press also stated that dePape was one of the “former Castro nudist protesters,” members who lived in the San Francisco Bay area and was famous as a pro-nudity activist.

A day after the Observer published its humble opinion, “an update has been updated which anyone can get in the front of the article. 

Update 10/30: In response to this report, San Francisco Police stated today that victim Pelosi and suspect DePape did not know one another before the attack. SFPD also reiterated that the assault occurred after a break-in.

Tweet of Elon Musk: 

The new owner of Twitter replied to Hillary Clinton, who had Tweeted a story on Depape’s political motivation. If we look into the matter from Clinton’s point of view, he is against the republican party. 

According to him, it is an act performed by a political party, and he is shocked but not surprised to see that violence will be the outcome; we have to stop such an act, and they must be accountable for the words and the actions they performed. 

Tweet of Elon Musk

After reading such a tweet from Clinton, Musk further shared his opinion with a simple tweet “there is a tiny possibility there might be more to this story.” 

So, Elon Musk believes there must be some other possibilities. Musk linked it to a piece in the Santa Monica observer. He was talking about an extremely right-wing site. 

And that site had already announced that Clinton had died, but there is still a debate about double-body with Donald Trump in 2016. 

Furthermore, observers claimed that Paul Pelosi was drunk during the assault and “in a dispute with a male prostitute.” But there is no evidence that Paul Pelosi was drunk then.

After all, Elon Musk further deleted the story from his Twitter handle, but as we know that Elon Musk has more than 112 million followers on his Instagram. 

Therefore, many people must already read that statement from Elon Musk’s tweet. After that, the Observer, who gained followers from the story, further tweeted, “We’ve replaced my original piece with an apology. Thanks to 

@washingtonpost @latimes @nytimes @yahoonews @DailyMail for helping me see the light by labeling our entire site with its 1000s of stories, ‘fake news.’ Good luck with the election #stangreene,” he reposted the story. 

Some false rumors to manipulate: 

However, some incidents occurred. Apart from that, there is another rumor spreading at the pace that dePape was living with the LGBTQ flags and BLM signs. 

This is a rumor as it was found that dePape lived in the home of Richmond, in the backyard, and there is a garage inside it where dePape spent his life. 

It was not the house writer Michael Shellenberger and podcaster Ben Shapiro described.

Paul Pelosi was admitted to the hospital after this attack and got surgeries.

It may be framed as a sex scene gone wrong if the GOP were not obsessed with LGBTQ people and Nancy Pelosi and couples were not residents of a queer mecca of San Francisco.

However, some people on social media say that dePape attacked Pelosi in Oct, 28th and Paul Pelosi has accepted that both Pelosi and de page engaged in sexual activity and argued over drugs, and some social media users say that only dePape has accepted sexually involved with Paul Pelosi. But what’s the reality? 

But the truth is that neither Paul Pelosi nor dePape accepted that they had been sexually involved together or argued over the drugs. 

Well, if we look at the official records, there is no evidence proving that they were sexually involved in or have argued over the drugs. Based on rumors, it can not be claimed that Pelosi and depape were sexually involved or argued over drugs. 

However, his physical health of Paul has been harmed by dePape.

Final Verdict

As per official law enforcement data, it is clear that neither  Paul Pelosi nor dePape was involved in sexual activity. 

There was not any drug argument as well as it is declared by the San Francisco Observer’s article a day after they published a rumor about Pelosi and depape. 

The fact is that they do not even know each other. They first see each other when dePape directly gets into Pelosi’s home. Clinton calls it a politically cheap activity. On the other hand, Elon musk’s opinion is that there must be some other reason behind such a creepy and violent accident. 

It is a dangerous act in itself. It shows how badly America is politically divided. However, it can not be said officially that Paul Pelosi is a guy as there is no or enough data to claim it. But there are some rumors and other opinions.

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