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The Grand Marshalls Of Miami Beach Pride Have Been Announced



The Grand Marshalls Of Miami Beach Pride Have Been Announced

Miami beach pride has announced its celebrity Grand Marshalls for the 15th anniversary. This year husbands Jonathan Bennett and Jaymes Vaughn were honored to assist the pride festival and parade on Saturday, April 15-16, 2023.

Bennett started in the first LGBTQ-led Hallmark Channel movie, the holiday sitter which is one of the most loved and followed accounts on social media and Vaughan was a host on the Celebrity page, an American syndicated entertainment news program. He also participated in a season of Amazing Race.

The couple hosted I Heart Radio’s Pridecast, and co-founded the OUTbound Travel company which is for the gay community. The couple is not only successful as gay actors in the tv/film industry but also served as an activist for the LGBTQ+ community. The iconic gay couples tied their knot year.

Celebration Begins

Miami Beach Pride Chairman said that Celebrity Grand Marshals truly embody the spirit of the 15th anniversary, and the celebration continues its progress as one community. He also praised the gay couple Jonathan and Jaymes for embracing their identity and using their platforms to help the queer community.

The Grand Marshalls Of Miami Beach Pride Have Been Announced

The couple who love and live their lives without fear or shame serves as a typical example of the key themes of the mission which are inclusivity, visibility, community, and equality. 

Sandra Bernhard, the legendary queer entertainer was previously announced as the Miami Beach Pride VIP Beach Affair. Bennett exclusively started and produced The holiday sitter, the Hallmark channel’s first Christmas romantic comedy mainly focuses on a queer couple.

He is an absolute representative of the queer community and ensured that he worked with a queer-led team that includes writers, directors, producers, and actors with all the creative angles. He previously played a gay character in The Christmas House (2020) and The Christmas house 2: Deck Those Halls.

He also played Bud McNulty in 2005’s  Cheaper by the dozen 2. He appeared as the title character in the comedy Van Wilder: Freshman Year.  Apart from the gay characters, he was well-known as  Aaron Samuels in the  2004 comedy film Mean Girls.

Jaymes Vaughan appeared on several TV shows and served as a TV correspondent for CBS The Talk from 2014 to 2018. He acted in several films which include 2017’s Chocolate City: Vegas Strip, followed by last year’s Blue Call.

Jonathan responded in honor of the pride and said, they are excited and honored to be named Celebrity Grand Marshals for Miami Beach’s Momentous pride for the year 2023. And added that it will be a great moment in their journey and where they are today.

He also greeted the participating artist and LGBTQ+ icons who contribute to the pride to make it remembered. 

Miami Beach pride is a multi-day celebration of arts and culture including a 2-day festival and parade. The festival brings together the members of the gay, Lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community with their friends, families, and supporters in the celebration of a unique and diverse culture of the LGBTQ+ community.

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The mission of the pride is to envision, plan and execute events and activities which enhance the communities existence through entertainment, events, arts, culture, and civic and social engagement. 

The mission focuses on being aware of the world about the community regarding whom they are, from where they come, and how can they make a better future.

In the circumstances of increasing social attacks towards the community, it is important to protect them and present the struggle of those who took a stand and stood up before the world. It is really necessary to bring diversity and support the people of the community to spread the message of equality for the upcoming generation. 

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