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Man Killed For Raping And Killing Teen, Then Carving “I’m Sorry” On Chest



Man Killed For Raping And Killing Teen, Then Carving I'm Sorry On Chest

Thomas Edwin was executed in the country of the United States of America after facing charges of rape and murder.

These charges are as old as two decades against a 16-year-old girl. It was in 2001 that he was convicted of not only raping a teenager but also really murdering her by inscribing on her chest with a knife, “I am sorry”.

This has been reported to be one of the most gruesome incidents of the recent past. His case was continued in the court of law for a very long period. 

Mississippi Finally Done It

It was finally two days before that a local court announced the death sentence against the culprit. The judge also recorded that such inhuman acts have to be prevented in the future at any cost.

Man Killed For Raping And Killing Teen, Then Carving "I'm Sorry" On Chest

For this, a strong punishment like a death sentence is mandatory to deter other people from committing the same act. After hearing both sides, the court immediately decided to overrule every kind of objection filed by the guilty to be treated leniently.

The case is one of a kind and has been able to set a good example so that a better change could be introduced in society. 

What Are The Facts Of The Case? 

According to the statement given by the victim, she was forced into a van by Thomas. It happened in 2000 when she traveled to a place, but a flat tire prevented her from moving further.

Meanwhile, Thomas had already reached the place and had started forcing himself upon the teenager. It is important to understand that before the teenager was murdered, she was sexually assaulted for 4 hours at a stretch.

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By the time the cops had reached the place, the teenager was reportedly on her last breaths. 

After proper investigation, Thomas was discovered by the side of the road. I am sorry; it was inscribed not only on his chest but also on the teenager’s chest.

Thomas also cut his wrists. He was immediately taken to the hospital, and once he recovered, he was subjected to prison according to the law of the land. Proceedings have been taken against him, and all the evidence was in the favor of the teenager.

The gravity of the incident had moved the community’s consciousness. A Speedy trial was therefore pleaded in the interests of justice. 

What Is The Type Of Punishment Offered?

This death sentence is one of the aptest punishments for such an act. He was responsible for destroying the family by his act, which could not be ignored at any cost. The court of law accepted no appeal or review petition. 

He had been responsible for taking away the dignity and life of a young girl who was expected to become the teacher of an element in school. The victim’s parents describe the teenager as a happy, go Lucky girl.

This smile is gone forever, and the person because of whom this incident took place must also go forever according to the reported statement of the parents. It was only two days before the final execution took place, and the matter was finally put to rest. 


It can be ultimately concluded that this is one of the most important elements which must be taken into consideration. Such kind of justice is important in order to set an example in front of the world so that they do not indulge in such kind of activities at any cost

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