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Republican Gays Joined The Armed Protesters Outside A Drag Event In Texas City



Republican Gays Joined The Armed Protesters Outside A Drag Event In Texas City

It is disturbing news for many people that gay Republicans joined the armed extremists to protest outside a drag show in the city of Texas. Social media users are expressing their opinion saying that this type of behaviour goes against the values of acceptance and inclusion that the LGBTQ+ community fights for. 

The news is confirmed that the Texas Log Cabin Republicans’ San Antonio chapter which is an LGBTQ+ rights organization has joined hands with the armed extremists to protest outside a drag show which was featuring queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Texas Freedom Force, which is the organizing group of this whole event, is now marked by the FBI as an “Extremist Militia group”. The groups have joined with the activists of the religious right to condemn the show claiming it to be immoral and inappropriate for children and especially those who are below 18 years of age.

The disputed show named, “A Drag Queen Christmas,” reportedly consists of one reference to alcohol. It is also confirmed that there is absolutely no nudity or sexual references in the whole show.

Security Agencies Are In Fear

The dispute heated up after the small group of armed extremists came face to face with a comparatively large crowd of approximately 150 counter-protesters. Security agencies say that the biggest thought of trouble is that both groups came armed and the protests turned out to be violent.

Republican Gays Joined The Armed Protesters Outside A Drag Event In Texas City

All the security officers who were present at the location of the dispute tried their best to keep both sides separated and guarded the venue’s doors to prevent further violent conflicts.

During the armed protests, the protestors occasionally tried to step into the street to attack the opposing side. Despite this entire conflict surprisingly no arrests were made at the location of the dispute.

Eyewitnesses present at the location reported that one of the anti-LGBTQ+ militia members was told to leave the location by the officers after he was trying to provoke a confrontation with his opposite armed group. He reportedly complied with the orders and immediately left the area.

During the entire conflict, the conservative protesters were heard shouting words like “paedophile” and “groomer” at the people who were attending the drag show. They were reportedly holding signs reading “SODOM & GOMORRAH”.

The Anti LGBTQ+ protesters also accused LGBTQ+ people of seeing all the children as easy “prey” for their ideology. Countering them the Counter protestors confronted them shouting that the groomers are in your churches! The Log Cabin Republicans have once been a very revered part of the LGBTQ+ movement.

The Log Cabin Republicans have previously defended the “Don’t Say Gay” law of Florida by comparing its opposite party to paedophiles. They have also previously opposed the landmark LGBTQ+ non-discrimination law. This same law was rejected by the Republican Party. 

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The entire social media and especially twitter got flooded with the news of this violent protest in Texas City. Many of the users have claimed that this whole incident was planned to create a tense situation in the city.

The extremist organization has previously compared LGBTQ+ activists and supporters to child molesters or paedophiles.

They have also claimed that the teachers who are from the LGBTQ+ community are trying their best to groom and train young kids as well as drag them into the world of LGBTQ+ without their wishes.

The group has previously targeted many other well-known faces for various reasons and now their activities have shocked many people who follow all the news related to LGBTQ+. Security officers are investigating further about this whole incident.

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