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Philadelphia Transgender Victim’s Friends Express Sorrow Over His Death



Philadelphia Transgender Victim's Friends Express Sorrow Over His Death

Mar’Quis “MJ” Jackson celebrated his birthday on December 12 without knowing that it’ll be his last. 

On Wednesday, December 14, local trans activist Mar’Quis “MJ” Jackson was found dead in the backyard of a home in the Nicetown area. Jackson who turned 33 two days prior to the incident never returned home after celebrating his birthday.

His body was found by the police and the cause of death was identified as blunt-force trauma to the head. Several other injuries to the face were also reported and the death was pronounced to have happened at 4.23 pm on December 14.       

Is Suspect Get Arrested?

According to the information shared by his friends to the Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents’ Sue Kerr, it is said the police had arrested and jailed one suspect. Later, it is said that they released him declaring that the case lacks evidence against the suspect.   

Who Is Mar’Quis “MJ” Jackson?

The 33-year-old Black transgender man born in South Carolina is defined as a person full of life and love. He was so energetic always that he would get the party started anywhere and was loved by his peers and family.

Sharree Harvey, who is identified as Jackson’s twin, shares that he was an out and proud Black trans man who had full support from his family. She also helped in arranging a vigil for Jackson on December 18 as per the reports from Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents (PLC).   

Jackson is a proponent of the William Way Center which is an active LGBTQ+ community center in Philadelphia. Growing up in South Carolina, he was a supporter of numerous LGBTQ+ communities which includes the Transgender Legal Defense Fund.

He was even a supporter of the Free Ky Project that aims at freeing Ky Peterson, a young Black transman. He was condemned for killing an apparent attacker in the year 2011. 

Tara Jackson, the victim’s mother showed off a photo of her together with Jackson crying, “this is my baby.” She said that he came out at the age of 17 and conveyed to her that he is trans. She replied that she doesn’t even care who he is, that he is still her baby and she’ll love him for who he is and not what he is. 

Porsha Burton, Jackson’s friend said that he was very family oriented and he even did a lot of canvassing for trans rights. She said that she’d worked with him on housing issues in order to help individuals acquire housing assessment and such sort of things. 

Recently, many attacks were reported against trans people and Jackson’s death was reported right after the death of a transgender woman. She was shot and killed in Germantown while attending a Thanksgiving morning.   

As per the estimate given out by the outlet, Jackson is the 39th trans person who was killed this year. He is the third Black transman and the sixth trans man who suffered a violent death in 2022.

But, the LGBTQ+ community believes that this count could be a miscalculation as numerous other deaths could go unreported or can be mistakenly classified by the authorities.

The LGBTQ+ rights association uncovered that the total of Black transgender women includes 63% victims of threats and deadly attacks.

Besides, 85% of the victims of such attacks altogether are people of color. According to the 2021 estimate, 57 trans people deaths were reported which is the most recorded number ever.  

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In the statement briefed by the City of Philadelphia’s Office of LGBT Affairs, they convey that it is devoted to ensuring that actions of discrimination, prejudice, and hatred will not be tolerated in the city of Philadelphia.

They even express that although it is grieving, they’ll remain dedicated to executing justice, equity, and long-lasting change for the Trans and Non-Binary residents.  

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