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Where Did Alexis Vidler Go? Missing Texas Teenager Found Safe Near Princeton



Where Did Alexis Vidler Go Missing Texas Teenager Found Safe Near Princeton

The teenage girl, Alexis Vidler from Texas who went missing on January 2, Monday was found unharmed at a house near Princeton with the help of the town’s police force on January 5, Thursday.

The police force did this by issuing an emergency Amber Alert involving favor of the public in discovering her thinking she might be in a serious situation.

What Is The Police Report?

According to the police Ms. Vidler was lastly seen on January 2 at local time 7.19 pm on the 2000 block of Tapadero Drive in Celina.

The police were able to find the suspect behind this operation but the identity of the suspect is not disclosed to the public.

The police also recognized the suspect is operating the scheme using a black 2022 Mitsubishi Mirage with a license plate RYT5102 which belonged to the state of Texas according to the report. 

The police force soon issued an emergency Amber Alert sharing the appearance and further details of Alexis Vidler with the public seeking their selfless support in untieing the Vidler case. She was described as a 17-year-old girl of 5’5” in height and approximately 138 pounds in weight.

As per the officials, she has brown hair and hazel eyes. The clothing she wore at the time of missing was unknown by the police and was not provided. The police also remembered to provide a contact number to contact if any information about Alexis Vidler was discovered by the community. 

Besides the local police force, several other agencies of both federal and state law enforcement were involved in the Vidler missing case.

With the help of the immense support from all forces along with the public, the police of Texas ended up with the missing case successfully by discovering Alexis safe and unharmed on Thursday afternoon near Princeton. 

After ending up the case police mentioned that the girl will be sent to Child Protective Services.

The police also canceled the Amber Alert which was issued at the time of the missing to seek the support of the public. Police haven’t revealed further details of the missing case regarding whether she was found alone or with a gang in the house near Princeton.

However, as per the report, Ms. Alexis Vidler left the city intentionally on Monday and so the community need not have to expect a threat anymore. 

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On Thursday, January 5, 2023, at 1 pm, Celina police reported officially they found the disappeared girl in a safe condition from a residence at Princeton which is 25 miles away from her actual residence.

The police are not yet provided further information on the missing Alexis like the motive and circumstances which led to the disappearance of the minor.

Nothing about the clues which led the force to find Vidler or the fact that led them to issue an Amber Alert at the instance is unveiled. However, the force is appreciatively talented to find the teen unharmed within days of missing.

The report also showed that back in 2021 also Alexis Vidler became the victim of a missing case when the girl was just 15 years. So at the time of 2023 missing, several people came up with different possibilities behind the missing case.

Some of them believed that she ran away from her house just as before while some others shared their suspicion that a plain kidnapping is operated behind the missing minor girl Alexis Vidler.

However, the force was fortunate enough to find the girl rapidly from Princeton even though the other agencies and detectives helped them to fulfill the task.

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