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Brian Walshe, Husband Of Missing Cohasset Woman Ana Walshe, What We Know?



The mysterious disappearance of Ana Walshe, a loving wife, and mother of three, has put the Cohasset officials at crossroads. A week has passed by since the disappearance of Ana. The 39-year-old was reported missing by her husband, Brian Walshe on Wednesday.

According to police, prior to three days of filing the report, she was last seen on New year’s day by a family member, reportedly seeking a ride-share cab service to the airport in Boston.

Where Did Ana Walshe Go?

The report matches with records from the airport, as she had earlier booked a flight for D.C., where she was summoned to handle one of the properties that she manages, Walshe works in a property management company in Washington and travels weekly between Massachusetts and Washington for work-life balance.

In the meantime, Cohasset chief William Quigley revealed that the records from the airport indicate that she never boarded the flight to Washington.

Chief Quigley in a statement revealed that it is still unclear if she ever got into that ride-sharing cab, as the witnesses told the officials that she was leaving with bags while her husband was sleeping at the earthly hours.

The official cross-checked with the cab company only to found to that she had not accessed the ride-share service.

Despite the circumstances the officials of Cohasset officials were working with the Washington D.C Metro Police, for any suspicion in Walshe and her husband’s townhouse in Washington D.C. from the searches, it is evident that there were no signs of Walshe in the locality.

On Friday evening, after a week after Ana’s disappearance, her former house at 725 Jerusalem road in Cohasset was lightened with fire.

The house was lived by three adults and a young child, they all had a safe escape before the arrival of the firefighting officials.

Earlier this week Chief Police, Quigley stated that her husband Brian was fully cooperative, as well as her family and her friends across both states.

However, Brian Walshe was detained by the Cohasset Police and Massachusetts state police for “misleading a police investigation” on Sunday evening and is expected to present in Quince District court on Monday.

Nevertheless, this arrest still remains unclear whether Brian Walsh is related to the disappearance of Ana or to the massive fire at Walsh’s former residence. The same property was sold for $1.385 million in 2022 after purchasing it for $800,000 back in 2020.

As well Brian had earlier pleaded guilty in 2022 to scamming a buyer into purchasing two fake Andy Warhol paintings.

However, this case seems to be unrelated. The police have also unveiled some hiking gear from the nearby area of the Walshe’s property.

The chief police Quigley has told the public that they are trying to retrieve the whereabouts of Ana as soon as possible.

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Carrie Westbrook, a former colleague, and a friend revealed that it’s very unlikely for Ana to disappear like this, she insisted that they were supposed to meet at Westbrook’s new condo on the evening of December 27, which responded to her that she would be delayed.

Yet she never appeared at her place that evening as Walshe’s phone was dead and she had to return home. Westbrook claimed that after the incident they agreed to meet on January 5, but she didn’t respond to her message on January 3, she added.

Westbrook has revealed that she finds it very uncomfortable regarding the nature of Ana because it is unusual.

As the missing case gets complicated day by day, burning questions are raised inside the department.

The officers are still not sure why her missing report was not filed even after the days she has last seen.

Moreover, neither authorities nor family members have disclosed any mental illness, if she does have one.

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