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Gas Prices Today US, January 10, 2023: Cheapest Gas Stations price By Places



Studies and surveys suggest that the gas price in the US in 2023 will drop nearly 50 cents per gallon thereby ensuring a big relief. Over the past few years, the high gas price in the country has been burning holes in the pockets of all people. This did become a matter of great concern among the public. Well, 2023 will surely be a year of fewer concerns about the gas price for all motorists. Here, let us look at the regions where the cheapest gas stations are available so that motorists can reach out to get affordable gas to run their vehicles. This article lists the cheapest gas stations spread across the 10 major US cities.

Which State Has the Highest Gas Prices?

Currently, the state that faces a huge increase in gas prices in the nation is Hawaii.

Which State Has the Lowest Gas Prices?

The lowest gas prices in the United States are in the South and Great Plains. Here, five states have the cheapest gas prices including Georgia,  Texas, Mississippi, Kansas, and Oklahoma.

Gas Stations By Cheap Fuel Prices in the United States

In the 10 major cities in the United States, the following are the cheapest gas stations where the price of gas is at the lowest:

PlaceGas Station PlacePrice($)
New JerseyFuel-4261 US-46 East
Little Ferry, NJ
WashingtonCostco2441 Market St NE
Washington, DC
CaliforniaValero15 Antelope Blvd
Red Bluff, CA
HawaiiCostco540 Haleakala Hwy
Kahului, HI
MarylandLiberty13411 Kingsview Village Ave
Germantown, MD
NebraskaPhilps 664700 S Lincoln Ave
York, NE
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