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Shocking Pellet Gun Shooting on Fort Carson – Find Out What Really Happened



Fort Carson confirmed that there was an alleged shooting incident on Tuesday. The officials of Fort Carson confirmed the news after Twitter was swarmed up with news of an active shooter in the area. The officials of Fort Carson have said that the incident occurred in the third Brigade Combat Team. The officials have also added that one was shot from what was assessed to be a pellet gun. It is also said that at the moment law enforcement has secured the area and one person is being treated for minor injuries caused by the shooter. Fort Carson also said that the police and the team will dig deep into the incident and more information will be revealed once they have found any valuable information about the shooter and the incident.

The news of an active shooter in the area was shared by a Twitter account and their tweet at the time of the incident said that an active shooter was reported in the area. The tweet also said that there is no information about the incident and everyone is told to stay in their home until the shooter is handled. A while after the Twitter account posted another tweet saying that the 1st and 3rd Brigade team heard gunshots and was told to lock the windows and doors of their shelter. At that time, the gates of Fort Carson were locked and no one was allowed to leave the premises. One hour after tweeting this post, the account Tweeted another post saying that everything is cleared in the area and the suspect is in the custody of the officials. The Fort Carson military housing town is expecting that more information will be revealed after the investigation.

Once the news of the active shooter was posted on Twitter, people have been tweeting their concerns regarding the incident and many have been saying that they have heard the sound of the gun and it was not a pellet gun. On Twitter, there were also screenshots of messages between two members inside Fort Carson where one is telling the other to hide anywhere and not make a sound. The incident has alarmed the people of Fort Carson and they have been sheltered in their homes until the officials announced that the incident has been handled. 

The incident of gun shootings in military towns of the country, especially in Fort Carson is not a new thing. An incident similar to this happened in 2020 in Colorado Springs where a Fort Carson soldier was arrested for shooting cars with BB guns. In December 2020, Felton Lee Morris was arrested on a felony charge of Criminal Mischief and a misdemeanor charge of Obstructing a Police Officer after the soldier damaged four cars by shooting with BB guns. The soldier was taken to jail after the neighbors of the area where the incident occurred confirmed that they saw Morris shooting the cars and the police also confirmed that the soldier was drunk during the incident. 

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