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A Man Lost His Life After Crashed Into A Building In Des Moines 



A Man Lost His Life After Crashed Into A Building In Des Moines 

Des Moines witnessed another fatal crash in the same week. The accident caused the life of a truck driver. The driver lose control of his truck that crashed into a Des Moines building. 

The police and fire officials responded that the accident happened in the 1700 block of the key away. They also added that the accident happened after 9:30 Saturday evening. Because the first responders arrived after 9:30 pm.

What Is The Police Report?

 The man who died in the truck crash is believed to be 26 years old. The officials said that the truck was traveling northbound before leaving the road after passing under the university avenue bridge.

The truck crossed all the lanes, leaving the roadway over the south curb. The driver lost his control which causes the truck to roll several times before crashing into the building. The 26-year-old truck driver was thrown from the truck.

Des Moines police department patrol officers were taken him to the local hospital. The Police suspect that he died on the spot due to the heavy crash into the building. The truck rolled several times.

His head got a severe injury in the accident. The police said that this may cause his death. Des Moines police have been investigating the treason behind the crash.

It is still unclear whether the driver is drunk or not. They said that they can only summarise the reason behind the crash after getting the postmortem results. 

No other passengers were affected in the crash. The truck driver was alone in the vehicle. The police say that there was less traffic at the time of the crash. Otherwise, it will be a massive accident in Des Moines.

Des Moines Police Traffic unit has seriously taken about the crash. Because this is the second traffic-related fatality of 2023.

A similar fatal crash occurred on Interstate Highway 235 in Des Moines on Thursday, Jan.12. The crash caused the life of a person following a car accident with a DOT maintenance vehicle.

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Just like the car crash, Des Moines again witnessed another accident that commemorates the incident that occurred before 2 days. The crash that happened on Jan. 12  is still under investigation.

Des Moines Police traffic unit didn’t find any reason behind the DOT truck accident. Amidst this situation, a similar truck crash created nervousness among the drivers. The police said that the findings will reveal soon.

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