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Jacinda Ardern Shocks New Zealand, As She Revealed Her Resignation



Jacinda Ardern shocks New Zealand, As She Revealed Her Resignation

The youngest leader of the country was named president of New Zealand in the 2017 election, after becoming a global icon for her fascinating attempts to overcome. The empathetic leader has now announced her resignation at the meeting of her Labour party.

During her speech, she confronted the citizens of New Zealand to be strong and kind, she added that she was not leaving because she can’t win the elections, she believes that change is needed to face the new challenges.

Her Future Plans

According to reports, she believes that she has done enough for the country during her tenure and it is time for her to step down.

Jacinda Ardern Shocks New Zealand, As She Announced Her Resignation

The report claims that she is preparing to support her daughter as her schooling starts this year. In addition, she might plan her marriage with her long-time partner Clarke Gayford.

Problems The Country Faced While She Was Prime Minister

During her tenure she was inexperienced yet she displayed charismatic efforts to deal with the worst spells the country had to face in the past decades. After a landslide victory, the freshly faced Ardern was left with a series of incidents to deal with.

She was barely learning the position when a gunman attacked a Christchurch mosque during the Friday prayers leaving 51 dead and 40 injured. In response to the terror incident, she mounted her inexperience and displayed her strategic efforts by empowering a ban on semiautomatic guns in the country to deal with the mass shootings.

Her nature of sympathizing with the Muslim community by wearing a hijab has dazzled the world. She expressed to the community then, that the entire country was mourning the loss of innocent lives.

Within months of healing from the terror, the country witnessed another disastrous event of the deadly volcanic eruption. Where she offered comfort to dozens of victims of White island, where the volcano erupted. The accident took the life of 21 people and left dozens of the natives injured with horrific burns.

Despite her generous personality toward the citizens of New Zealand, the entire world faced the spreading of the deadly coronavirus, which took millions of lives. The virus was rapidly contagious as it hovered over the entire world within months of its discovery.

Ardern was one of the leaders to close the borders of the country to prevent another mass havoc. She and her government declared strict measures during the spread of the coronavirus.

Due to instant reflex, the country witnessed low death rates when compared to other medically advanced countries. She announced a nationwide lockdown over a single infection of the virus in the country.

She received global recognition for her strategies to deal with global and national conflicts. Yet, she was widely criticized at home due to the intensifying house crisis, and rising living costs. As inflation rises globally, the country’s crime rate and mortgage rates have been increasing.

Her promises and plans for a greener generation and housing plans have hit a wall as the country is facing inflation that burns out the economy of New Zealand. 

Many of the locals have criticized her, as she is running away from the rising living costs and crimes, and blame her for it. As the sensible ones are aware that it all is a part of inflation.

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Who Is The New Successor?

Following her announcement of resignation, the party has not yet decided on her successor for the next term. Modern is supposed to end her tenure in the coming February, with the election standing in October, the party should consider an effective leader to maintain the country.

Grant Robertson who serves as the finance minister of the country has opted out to stand in the next election.

As there has been no successor decided yet, the polls for the preferred prime minister of the country still rank Arden as the first choice.

Not to mention that her initial campaign “Jacinda-Mania” has stormed a wave among the world, as she campaigned progressively for women’s rights, economic inequality, and an end to child poverty.

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