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What Happened In Lima? Tension Rises As Protestors Head To Lima



What Happened In Lima Tension Rises As Protestors Head To Lima

The situation in Peru has intensified day after day, after stripping down their former president, Pedro Castillo – due to his attempt to illegally consolidate the power and endeavoring to shut down congress. 

Castilo’s failed attempt to breach the constitutional order has fated him to flee his position, this attempt was orchestrated due to facing an impeachment vote, which arose after former president Castillo declared night curfew and reorganizing of judiciary and Prosecutor’s office amid alleged corruption and trafficking. Due to this attempt, the majority of congress voted in favor to detain him.

What Is The Reason Behind This Protest?

Following the end of the 17-month reign of Castillo, his vice president, Dina Boularte was declared the new president of Peru, becoming the first woman to attain a massive milestone in the country of Peru.

However, the attempt to make Dina Boularte was widely criticized by the people of the country, especially the followers of the former president, Pedro Castillo. 

Police Clash With Protesters After Thousands Marched In Lima

In response to her reign, protests emerged across the country demanding her resignation. In the initial stages of the protests, authorities acted forcibly against the protesters in Ayacucho and Juliaca which resulted in the death of more than 50 people, on December 15 and January 9 respectively. 

President has addressed the nation through television that these protests are not peaceful marches as they had instigated violent methods regarding the deaths of the citizens. She added that all the protestors who are responsible for the vandalism will be punished. Furthermore, she believes that the motive of the protest had no agenda, and she will continue to fight against the protests.

According to protestors, they demand a fair method to elect their president instead of handing over the presidential chair to the vice president. Chants were heard in the protest claiming that Dina is a murderer. As the protests have been fueling up, more roadblocks and authorities have increased the surveillance in the city.

Currently, the protestors have advanced their strike by centralizing the movement in the heart of Peru, which they believe would have a greater impact, despite the president asking for forgiveness for the deaths of the protesters in the town of Juliaca and Ayacucho.

In a fresh development, one of the buildings near the historic Plaza San Martin in Lima has been set ablaze, and many accuse the authorities of their grenades, which could have been the protesters on fire. In the wake of the tragic incident in Peru, around 22 police officers and 16 civilians have been injured. 

In addition to this protesters have attacked three major airports in Peru. Many civil service authorities claim that these protests do not have a key objective as the current government came into power only a month before, furthermore, they haven’t attempted any act of heinous crime like their former president who attempted to dissolve the congress, to rise the protests apart from deaths due to the protests which should not have been the first place – if the citizens have been patient of the new government.

From the look of the afterburn, the protests have emerged beyond their initial demand which is the resignation of the current president. Reports suggest that the protestors are demanding further fundamental and economic structural reforms.

Despite the inhuman act from the authorities, the president has refused to resign from her post and vows to punish the protestors who are responsible for vandalism in the country.

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However, attorney general Patricia Benavides declared an investigation on January 10, 2023, regarding the violative action of the police authorities to find out, whether the committed genocide is in connection with prime minister Alberto Otarola, Minister of defense Jorge Chavez, and Minister of the Interior Victor Rojas.

Furthermore, the president received statements from UK and US ambassadors regarding the human rights of the protestors. The UN high commissioner for Human Rights has expressed their concern for the rising violence in Peru. Many representatives have reached the Peru government regarding the same.

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