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Multi-Vehicle Crash On Sawgrass Expressway: 10 People Including 5 Children Were Hurt



Multi-Vehicle Crash On Sawgrass Expressway 10 People Including 5 Children Were Hurt

Last Sunday, 22nd December, northern Broward County witnessed a mishap on the Sawgrass Expressway. Ten people including five children were severely hurt in the multi-vehicle crash.

Recent reports show that the condition of the two teenage girls who were at the Sawgrass Expressway collision in Broward is in critical condition.

The two teens were critically injured and eight others seemed badly hurt. These were the words reported by the authorities on Sunday.

The accident area of the Sawgrass Expressway was completely shut down, and no vehicles were permitted to cross the area.

All the vehicles were redirected to exit the highway in Coral Springs. Based on the reports from the Florida Department of Transportation, the shutdown lasted for several hours. This caused significant delays in the journey of others who headed the same route. 

What Is The Reason Behind In This Accident?

A Florida Highway Patrol spokeswoman named Indiana Miranda reports what happened right in Broward County. She shares her words on the accident that an orange Hyundai SUV  boarding five was heading northbound towards the University in Coral Springs on the highway.

She highlights the point that the driver of the Hyundai SUV, a 39-year-old woman, lost control of the vehicle and was trying hard to make a safe stop. 

The reason behind the way he drove and how he lost control is still unknown. The orange Hyundai SUV then unmanageably got hit by the guardrail nearby. The driver of the SUV was constantly trying hard to be safe and drive back to keep the vehicle on the road.

But unfortunately, the Hyundai SUV crashed with a white Nissan SUV boarding five. All this happened around 1:00 PM on Sunday.

Indiana Miranda, the witness of this tragic scene, points out that from an orange Hyundai SUV, a girl was expelled hard and got seriously hurt. She seemed to be around 13 years old. She was immediately hospitalized as her condition was very unstable.

Sunday night reports say that the condition of this 13-year-old girl was critical. Also, a girl of 14 years was found similarly in an unstable condition. Both teen girls were reportedly traveling in the Hyundai SUV.

The SUV driver, a middle-aged woman, and the other two teen passengers got hospitalized at the right time. The reports from the hospital authorities seem to favor the passengers and the women as they are currently in a non-life-threatening situation. 

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Two adults and three minors in the Nissan were taken to the nearby hospital. The rescue officials said that the two adults were aged 42 and 44. Also, the children in Nissan fall in an age group between 7 and 12.  All occupants of Nissan are currently safe with non-life-threatening injuries.

The cause of this tragic accident is under investigation. The officials and the investigating team are in action and are under serious investigation to sort out the real reason that caused this crash. 

Also, the Florida Highway Patrol is under investigation on another accident that happened on the Sawgrass Expressway early Sunday morning. According to the reports from the Florida Highway Patrol, the accident was a deadly wrong-way crash.

The driver, 33, a man from Lauderhill, is under treatment. The FHP confirmed that a 36-year-old Parkland man in a head-on collision died. Both drivers were taken to hospital, and the death report of one of the drivers came recently. 

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