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Terry Bellamy, A Founding Member Of The Penumbra Dies At 70



Terry Bellamy, A Founding Member Of The Penumbra Dies At 70

One of the founders and actors of the Penumbra theatre company, Terry Bellamy, passed away at 70 in his home at St. Paul on Thursday, after combating the deadliest Coronavirus.

He was found unresponsive by his brothers Layne and Lou Bellamy. He was born to EIVeeda Luckett Bellamy and Maurice Bellamy, a business owner, and a railroad writer.

Before his acting career at Penumbra, the talented actor graduated from the University of Minnesota after completing his high school at Central High School. In addition, he was in a spell with the Navy, before establishing his career as an actor.

Lou Bellamy, the 78-year-old founder of the Penumbra Theatre revealed that his brother was struggling with covid earlier and they had a fruitful conversation before the IVEY Lifetime Achievement award winner rests his brother to sleep.

He added that Terry was tired after performing on several occasions and seek every possible way to get help as his health deteriorated until the healthcare system finally let him down. His death comes after the death of his nephew and son of Lou Bellamy, Lucas Bellamy in early 2022, which makes the second tragedic incident in the family in recent months.

In an interview, Terry expressed that art is the path and avenue for black people to show humanity, as he played many roles for black people. He added that it is the only way to justice and to ease the suffering from slavery which America is experiencing.

More About Terry Bellamy

Terry Bellamy played some prominent roles throughout his career. He performed at Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Cleveland play house, and others. Including Penumbra Theatre, he also worked at Illusion Theatre, Mixed Blood Theatre, Parks Square theatre, Hennepin center of the Arts, and many more.

He excelled in the play “Boseman and Lena” along with the actress Faye Price which was held at Park Square Theatre. He received the drama critics award for “Boseman and Lena” and Waiting for Godot. His involvement with the Penumbra Theatre was noted for outstanding contribution by awarding the prestigious William E. Griffin award. 

Co-worker Faye Price expressed that Terry was a dedicated actor who puts his heart and soul into his work, thus she could find him confiding. 

He is also survived by Sarah Bellamy, who is also the president of the Penumbra Foundation, and holds an MA in humanities before graduating from the University of Minnesota. This young gem is responsible for several programs under the Penumbra.

She was fascinated by her uncle’s dedication. She witnessed her uncle blends as Martin Luther kind Jr at a young age. Ever since then, she had been captivated by her uncle’s abilities and his architectural art.

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The Pulitzer winner, August Wilson was fond of Terry. The veteran relished in August Winston Plays, especially in the role of the levee in “Ma Rainey’s Black” and in the play “Jitney” where he played a young man “Turnbo”.

Lou Bellamy stated that the character Levee was molded after him, which makes him much more authentic to express the emotions of the character to the audience. It is one of the profounding reasons why the audience back in the time fell in love with the character.

Terry also posted a tribute for his closest and old friend August Wilson, on his 77th birthday, which was on April 27, 2002, before he passed away in 2005.

He wrote in the note that, he was always proud of their ability to sing and record and yet continue their friendship throughout their life.

It is sad to acknowledge that life cuts him short as soon as he withdraws from alcohol and smoking. He claimed that he was struggling with unhealthy substances during the early and mid-2000s.

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