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Horrible Tragedy: A Woman Attempted Suicide After Killing Two Children And Injuring An Infant



Horrible Tragedy A Woman Attempted Suicide After Killing Two Children And Injuring An Infant

An apparent suicide attempt by a Duxbury woman after killing two children and injuring an eight-month infant has been reported Tuesday. Police reached 47 Summer Street at around 6:15 pm. 

The woman is suspected to be the mother of three children. The death of a 5-year-old girl and a 3-year-old boy was confirmed at the hospital. The eight-month-old infant was rushed to a Boston hospital. The woman is suspected of being jumped out the window after finalizing her children dead. The adult was also hospitalized for emergency health care. 

Children are under 5 and traumatically injured. According to the primary conclusions from the officials, the cause of death is reported fatal injuries. 

What Is The Police Statement?

Police have reported that they responded to a call from a man who arrived at the home and informed them about the woman’s attempted suicide.  

The police and firefighters found three children in the house unconscious and hospitalized them to receive emergency care. According to the authority, the death of two children was confirmed by the hospital.

Plymouth County District Attorney Tim Cruz said at a press conference that three children are found in the house with obvious signs of trauma. 

Further details of the incident are not provided the cause of an ongoing investigation. The identities of children and women are unclear. A double death investigation from state and local police is started. Officials did not confirm that the children’s mother was a suspect. 

According to Plymouth County District Attorney Tim Cruz everyone involved in the case appears to be related. Additional information about the woman and her motive for suicide is not released. The woman was alive but didn’t respond to the questions and she was primarily considered the suspect. 

Tim Cruz informed the Duxbury area people something regarding their safety that people should remain safe in their homes and streets. 

As per the reports from Duxbury Police Chief Michael Carbone, The incident is considered isolated and there is no threat to the community reported. 

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Mr. Francis Turner, a neighbor from 47 Summer St unexpectedly noticed a number of police cars and get outside the home to find the source of the emergency response. And he stepped back as per the commands from the officials to the smooth functioning of their job. 

Turner is not much bothered about the family. According to him, his daughter has told him that the family was just moved into their area from somewhere.

An online source reported a woman suspected as the mother has jumped out of the roof and three children have been found in the home’s basement. It also claims the children’s father was found outside the home after the incident.  

And there are speculations spreading over social media regarding the involvement of the father in this incident. People assumed the man has attempted to kill the whole family. 

Online sources didn’t provide more details about the identity of the victims. Spreading speculations is not threatening to the community and 47 Summer Street residents. 

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