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What Is Tyre Nichols’s Cause Of Death? What Is The Reason Behind In This Encounter?



What Is Tyre Nichols's Cause Of Death What Is The Reason Behind In This Encounter

Tyre Nichols, the 29-year-old Black driver was killed brutally earlier this month. It’s been around three weeks already and until now, the soul of the demise hasn’t received any justice. 

On January 07, 2023, Nichols was hospitalized after Memphis police pulled him over for suspecting reckless driving. According to the statements given out by the police, it was believed that a clash occurred between the police officers and the vehicle’s driver, Nichols. After the confrontation, it was said that Nicoles fled on foot and was apprehended by the police and had a fight after too. 

What Is The Reason Behind In This Cruelty?

As per the officials, it is still unknown what was wrong with his driving which was stated as reckless. Also, it is still unclear who else is involved in the killing of the 29-year-old man and what really happened to him. 

What Is Tyre Nichols's Cause Of Death

Shelby County District Attorney Steve Mulroy said on Thursday at the press conference that it took a lot of time for Nichols to get medical help after getting brutally injured by the confrontation resulting from the pullover by Memphis police officers.  

After the death of Nichols, police were expected to release the footage of the incident that resulted in the demise of a driver. It was said that he died three days later due to the severe injuries he sustained from the confrontation with the police.

After confirming the death, five police officers from the Memphis Police Department along with two officers of the city’s fire department were fired after an investigation and were also charged with potential criminal charges. The five policemen connected with the investigation are also black men. 

The family of the dead and their attorney met the officials and police to watch the video of what happened to their son. According to them, the recordings of the traffic stop were vicious and the video showed a prolonged beating that lasted for over three minutes and also showed how the officers chased Nichols who tried to flee on foot to save himself from the attack.  

The incident resulting in the death of a black man happened right at the traffic stop near his mother’s house. His family has filed for an independent autopsy which revealed that the young man suffered extensive bleeding from the brutal beating.

Even now, investigations are going on the case, and the Memphis police department is not yet ready to release the video of the deadly encounter. The public is raising protests against this issue claiming that they really need to know what has happened to Nichols.   

After seeing the recording, Antonio Romanucci, the family’s attorney, said that Nichols was pepper sprayed by the officers who deployed a stun gun against him and then tied him. He seemed like a human pinata for those murderers and claimed the action was not only violent but brutal.

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From the video, it was clear that Nichols only wished to return back home and that is why he tried to flee from the spot. Also, it showed Nichols calling for his mother repeatedly when he was beaten up by the five policemen.     

As per the findings from the late’s family, Nichols was working the second shift at FedEx, which is basically a parcel shipping company. He was returning from work to his mother’s during his meal break at 7 pm and this was his daily routine. He is the father of a four-year son and was a proud son to the family.  

After huge protests by the public, the Shelby county district attorney’s office said that the video will be released in the coming weeks.

The five officers involved in the brutal murder of Nichols are Emmitt Martin III, Tadarrius Bean, Justin Smith, Demetrius Haley, and Desmond Mills Jr. All these black policemen of the Memphis police department were fired last week.

Along with them, two officers of the Memphis fire department were fired for involving in the victim’s initial care and failing to do their work properly in an emergency.

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