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A 16-Year-Old Died And Two Were Injured In Gunfire At East St. Louis Church



A 16-Year-Old Died And Two Were Injured In Gunfire At East St. Louis Church

A 16-year-old was killed and two others fatally injured in a shooting at East St. Louis church on Sunday afternoon. 

The Shooting occurred in a cafeteria at the Pilgrim Green Missionary Church on North 37th street at about 1:50 p.m. after the Church service had over. 

According to officials, two people seemingly already known by each other came and targeted and then started the gunfire at one another. 

Both of the shooters were injured and one died. Died shooter was identified by the officials as 16-year-old Devon Montogermey. The gunfire also wounded an innocent bystander who was also in the cafeteria. 

The injured were rushed to the hospital for emergency medical care. The death of one was confirmed later and further details about the condition of the wounded were not released.

What Is The Official Report On This Matter?

Authorities released only a few details including the time of the gunfire, location, number of individuals who were killed and injured, even if it occurred inside or outside of the church, etc…

Further details about shooters didn’t provide by the officials. An investigation regarding the potential gunfire also going on. 

Officials said the killed teenager Devon J. Montogermey lived on Drexel Drive in Cahokia Heights. No information was provided regarding his family or background.

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In the circumstance of an ongoing investigation, people can also help the officers with available information about the gunfire by making a call to 1.866.371.8477 or through the crime stoppers app. If you are a victim of the gunfire you can directly inform the authority about the incident. 

Officials defined a particular amount as a reward for the informants up to $2,000. 

Reportedly claiming it is a public health crisis that teenagers continuously involving in certain crime scenes. Similar fire gun incidents involving teenagers are reported continuously. 

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