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Emperor Tamarin Monkeys Missing From Dallas Zoo Found Alive In A Home



Emperor Tamarin Monkeys Missing From Dallas Zoo Found Alive In A Home

In the latest suspicious event from the Dallas Zoo, two emperor tamarin monkeys were found inside an abandoned home in Lancaster, Dallas.

Dallas police followed an anonymous tip, which led to the abandoned home where the responding police officers found the two animals that belonged to the Dallas zoo, retained in a closet.

The officials also found pigeons and domestic cats in the abandoned home. The police revealed that the same abandoned house was previously a subject of an investigation regarding exotic animals being intentionally stored.

The zoo officials said in a statement that they were thrilled to share that the two of the emperor tamarin monkeys were found, which were believed to be intentionally taken. They added that the two emperor tamarin monkeys will be evaluated by their veterinarians.

Dallas Police Searching For Unidentified Person

This is the most recent event of missing cases from the Dallas Zoo. earlier this week Dallas Zoo officials confirmed that the monkeys were stolen after a hole was found in the cage of the emperor tamarin monkeys.

Tamarin Monkeys Missing From Dallas Zoo

The officials reported that two of the monkeys were missing as the monkeys were not founded anywhere near the zoo, the officials immediately alerted law enforcement for their aid in recovering the monkeys.

Ever since the monkey’s disappeared from the zoo, the Dallas police issued a search notice for an unidentified person. They posted a picture of the individual on Twitter along with a search notice which said, “Dallas police are looking for the public’s help in identifying the pictured individual.

Detectives are looking to speak with the man in regard to the two tamarin monkeys missing from the Dallas Zoo. Anyone with information – call 214-671-4509”.

It is believed that the unidentified man can be seen in the surveillance video, where he was seen walking slowly on the empty zoo sidewalk, looking back and forth suspiciously as he walks down the empty walkway. At the same interval, another person was also seen in the background walking in the opposite direction.

According to reports, the pictured individual might have been linked with the missing monkeys from the Dallas Zoo, and the officials are looking for this certain person to talk with in connection with the case.

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However, they have not elaborated any reason on why they seek the man. As the investigation is still going on, no arrests have been made so far regarding the missing cases.

Missing Incidents Being Common

The disappearance of the two emperor tamarin monkey is the fourth unusual incident that occurred in the Dallas Zoo and the second time animals have gone missing from their habitual home, in the past few weeks.

The strange and unusual events in the Zoo began on January 13 when a clouded leopard named Nova, was reported missing after her enclosure was deliberately and “intentionally cut”.

Luckily before the cat was stolen, the officials found Nova close to her enclosure later that day. In a similar incident, a zoo official found a similar cut in the fence of the enclosure of the langur monkeys.

However, no monkeys were harmed or escaped in spite of their new escape route in the habitat.

Due to the rising concerns about these unusual events, the zoo’s official tightened their security by installing security cameras and doubling the overnight security guards, as well they limited animals’ freedom to wander around. 

However, within days of their heavy security installment, a vulture named Pin was found dead in his habitat. It was reported that no official found any suspicious activity around its habitat.

Though, President and CEO Gregg Hudson revealed that the death of the bird was found with “unusual wounds and injuries” and the officials found the bird’s death “suspicious”, indicating that the vulture did not die of any natural causes.

In the wake of this third incident, the zoo is offering a reward of $10,000 for the information which could lead to the arrest of the suspect who is responsible for the vulture’s death.

In response to all the events, it is still unclear if all of these four events are related to each other or not. However, to pump up the investigations, the department of police is collaborating with US Fish and wildlife to gather deep insights into the investigation.

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