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A Cyclist Died Brutally After Being Hit By A Car And Stabbed 



A Cyclist Died Brutally After Being Hit By A Car And Stabbed

The city of Dana Point, southern Orange County, California witnessed a brutal act on Wednesday. A bicyclist was hit by a car and stabbed to death while riding along Pacific Coast Highway. 

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department stated that the vicious incident happened around 3 p.m. at an intersection where a cyclist was struck from behind by a white Lexus. Sgt. Mike Woodroof with the O.C.

Sheriff’s Department communicated that the cyclist was thrown into the intersection from the collision and the driver pulled over the car near the victim.

The suspect then exited the vehicle and stabbed the cyclist to death. Although the victim was taken to the nearby hospital, his death was confirmed around 5.52 p.m.    

What Are The Details Of This Murder Attempt?

According to the authorities, the suspect was taken down by the locals who witnessed the deadly confrontation. He was detained until the authorities arrived at the crime scene and were later taken into custody for further investigation.

The residents of the city were asked to avoid the area around the intersection at Crown Valley Parkway and Pacific Coast Highway as the investigation is in progress and evidence is being collected from the crime scene.

As of now, further details regarding such an inhumane act are unknown. OCSD Sergeant Mike Woodruff reported that the motto of the act is so far unidentified as the investigation is fresh. Also, it is even not clear whether the victim and the suspect have had any kind of relationship or known each other by any means. 

From the footage of the crime scene released so far by the media, people can see the suspected vehicle(White Lexus) pulled over at the crime scene with some front-end damage and a cracked windshield.

The victim’s mutilated mountain bike is also seen at the crime scene which has been completely shut down and kept under the control of the officials. The locals and other passengers are urged to avoid taking the route for a while as law enforcement is progressing with the investigation.      

The driver of the Lexus was believed to be heading northbound on the Pacific Coast Highway when he committed such a vicious act. And until now, the cyclist was not identified and further details about the suspect’s and victim’s identities are not released yet.

The witnesses of the violent attack stated to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department that the suspect ran over the cyclist and got out of the car and attacked him. The detectives stated that they are reviewing the video of the deadly attack and are trying to determine a motive behind the deadly assault.

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The investigation lasted overnight and until now, the motive is unknown. The bizarre attack had led to confusion about whether it was just a case of road rage that completely got out of control or some planned ambush.

Stu News Laguna has alerted the public through its official Twitter to avoid the south city limits until further notice as the police investigation is still developing in this region. They even stated that the public doesn’t have to panic about the condition as there are no threats currently in the area. 

Dana Point, situated in southern Orange County, California, United States, is a city with one of the few harbors along the Orange County coast and a famous local destination for surfing.

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