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Harry Whittington Cause Of Death: Texas Lawyer Has Died At The Age Of 95  



Harry Whittington Cause Of Death Texas Lawyer Has Died At The Age Of 95  

Texas lawyer Harry Whittington, 95, died followed by a brief illness on Saturday morning. His death news was confirmed by his wife through a statement. He died peacefully early Saturday morning at his home. 

Harry Whittington became the center of  International attention in 2006 after a shot by then-Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally while he hunting a bird. 

What Is The Actual Incident Happened Between Cheney And Harry Whittington?

 The fatally injured incident occurred in 2006. Both of them were on the Armstrong Ranch near Corpus Christy, and Cheney unintentionally fired on Whittington. Several wounds have been found on his face, torso, and neck. Later he suffered from a heart attack and was treated in a hospital.

Cheney And Harry Whittington Incident

Harry Whittington has remarked that Quail Hunting is a fast-moving procedure. Birds fly and you swing on them and always shoot the best. He had been hunting for 50 years before he got into an accident in 2006. Actually, he was not an experienced hunter and he had never seen an accident yet while he hunting. 

And Whittington shared his limited memory about the accident by saying all he remembered about that incident was the smell of burning powder. And then he passed out. 

He was rushed to a hospital for emergency medical care. His face was bloodied and swollen. News about the accident was left out several hours later he admitted. 

Whittington spent a week in the hospital under medical attention. According to the medical officers, a mild attack also appeared followed by a piece of birdshot near his heart. 

That accident has has became an international news item. People massed in front of the hospital. Reporters have been waiting for the interview with the victim. 

Whittington said after he was released from the hospital that he and his family were deeply sorry for all that Vice President Dick Cheney and his family had to go through the last week. Harry Whittington quickly forgave Dick Cheney. 

Several eyewitnesses appeared with the remark that Whittington has stepped into Cheney’s line of fire while he hunting the birds. 

Checney acknowledged his responsibility as a hunter for pulling the trigger. Whittington apologized instead of Cheney was also a surprise for people.

Whittington opened in an interview with The Washington Post and said that he was fatally injured by the gunshot. The actual intensity of wounds is not opened up to the public at that time. Doctors have said to him that he had a mild attack and suffered a lot from a collapsed lung for a long time. 

Years after that incident, Cheney came with an apology by saying of course he was deeply sorry for What Whittington and his family had gone through. That day he shot Whittington was one of the worst and saddest days of his life. 

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Early Life

Harry Milner Whittington popularly known as Harry Whittington was born on March 3, 1927, in Henderson, Texas.  He was born to a family of Democrats. 

His family struggled during the time of Depression after his father lost their dry-goods store. Harry did many jobs to pay for the University of Texas for his studies. 

Whittington actively worked as a lawyer and a real estate investor. 

As a lawyer and investor Whittington was brutal about property rights. He worked as a strong opponent of property rights. 

He actively worked in the Republican party. He worked with the campaigns of both U.S. Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush. 

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