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News Nation Reporter Evan Lambert Was Released After An Arrest For Disrupting  Governor



News Nation Reporter Evan Lambert Was Released After An Arrest For Disrupting  Governor

NewsNation reporter Evan Lambert was released from jail after being arrested alleging disrupting  Governor Mike DeWine’s news conference on Wednesday.

Lambert has traveled to Ohio from Washington to cover the Governors’ press conference. According to the NewsNation exec, Governor has demanded the release of Lambert. Law enforcement has reported Lambert had been released after 10. P.m. ET on Wednesday. 

Lambert has said he is doing well now after he was released from Jail. And he added journalists are not expected that they would arrest while doing their job. And Lampert didn’t tell the further details of his arrest. 

Washington NewsNation Bureau Chief has said he was watching the news conference live through NewsNation. And he didn’t hear anything as a disruption to the conference from Lamper’s side. 

Unauthorized Move From Police

A statement from the NewsNation Bureau Chief Mike Viqueira has come with an explanation on the arrest of Evan Lambert saying he just spoke with Lambert through a call from the jail. Viqueira has said, Lambert is calm and he was doing his job as usual. 

News Nation Reporter Evan Lambert's arrest

As per the videos spread over the Internet, Lambert was doing his job as a journalist. And Viqueira has discussed the release of Lambert by hoping the soonest he will be released as per the report from law enforcement. 

Governor Mike DeWine was speaking at a news conference about the train crash in East Palestine Ohio Gym. Lambert was covering a live report of the news conference for NewsNation’s Rush Hour. Local police appeared and told him to keep silent while the Governor speaking. 

Lambert continued to do his job and local police arrested Lambert after finishing his reporting alleging he was disrupting the governor’s discussion. Lampert has been taken to the Columbia County Jail. 

As per the reports, the press conference has decided to begin at 3 p.m. ET in a Gymnasium at East Palestine Elementary School.

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But for some reason, the conference has been delayed and it started at around 5. p.m. Lambert came on live broadcasting of the conference and the incident occurred following it. 

 A cameraman named Preston Swigart who was working with Lambert has remarked that the local enforcement has said Lambert to stop talking. Lambert didn’t obey the orders from the police and continued his job.

Governor DeWine has said the incident was completely out of his knowledge. And his press secretary Dan Tierney later came up with an explanation that, DeWine had not witnessed the incident because his view was completely blocked by the cameras. 

Tierney added, the Governor has not ordered to stop live broadcasting and is not aware of the request that made by law enforcement. 

Governor has said at the news conference that, It was always been his practice that if he doing a press conference if someone wants to report out there, and they want to talk back to their audience, whatever, that is the job of the journalists.

They have the right to do that. If someone has tried to stop them from doing that or demanded to stop, that is wrong. And it was nothing he authorized.

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