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Who is Miley Altman? Where is Mallory Beach’s Best Friend Now?



Who is Miley Altman Where is Mallory Beach's Best Friend Now

Netflix’s “Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal” shows the Murdaugh dynasty’s complete downfall in South Carolina. After running the 14th Judicial Circuit for 87 years, Mallory Beach’s death on February 24, 2019, revealed their alleged dark side and network of falsehoods. For now, we’ll tell you about Mallory Beach’s best friend, Miley Altman, one of the five people with her that night.

Who is Miley Altman?

Miley Altman and Mallory Beach met in preschool in the early 2000s and formed a lifelong friendship through a sweet gesture. “She came up to me and told me I was attractive; the rest is history,” the former openly acknowledged in the Netflix original. I was shy. She talked nonstop.” But, Morgan Doughty joined them in their early teens, making them the “three M’s” of Low Country.

 Miley Altman

As they worked at Retail Therapy and dated inside their extended social group, they got to spend more time together. This was expected as they come from a tiny town where everyone knows everyone due to their communal beliefs. Mallory Beach was happily dating Anthony Cook, Miley Altman was dating Anthony’s first cousin/best friend Connor Cook, and Morgan had been Paul Murdaugh’s girlfriend for four years.

Mallory Beach tolerated Paul  Murdaugh, but Miley hated him because they could tell he wounded Morgan physically and mentally when he drank. “She would come to work, and you could tell she’d been cryin’ or something,” Miley Altman said in the documentary series. “Me and Mallory Beach would say, ‘This isn’t normal. No one in our relationships is going through this. We think you shouldn’t be with him.” They helped Morgan end their relationship, although they still hung out.

On February 23, 2014, the three duos arrived via Paul’s family boat for a casual Oyster Roast house party. They left at midnight, but Paul Murdaugh and Connor opted to stop at a bar before coming home, much to Miley’s dismay because she had work the next morning. Even though they were young at 19, the group said drinks were flowing all night, but Paul was the only one out of his mind drunk since he could never drink in moderation.

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Where is Miley Altman Now?

Despite Miley’s lucky escape, she was taken to the hospital for a checkup before the police interviewed her. She, like Anthony, Morgan, and Connor, disclosed the truth by revealing that Paul Murdaugh drove the boat, not Connor as he and his prominent Murdaugh family had claimed. She returned to the area to be present when her best friend from when she was a toddler was found, but the incident hit her.

Where is Miley Altman Now

Eight days later, Mallory’s remains were located, crushing Miley’s heart. Three months after the incident, Paul Murdaugh was charged with three counts of DUI causing death or bodily injury, but the case was never tried. He and his mother, Margaret “Maggie” Murdaugh, were murdered at their hunting lodge in Islandton, South Carolina, on June 7, 2021.

In ‘Murdaugh Murders,’ Miley Altman remarked, “I believe [Mallory Beach] was just like too good for this earth,” adding, “I mean, I think about her every day, and it’s hard to move on without her.” She also realizes that keeping her name alive is a good way to respect her “other half,” so she aims to talk about her true history and the incident as much as possible.

From her social media accounts, Miley Altman loves a tranquil life away from the spotlight. Despite their hardships, the South Carolina native and Connor Cook are happier, stronger, and more understanding than ever.

Miley Altman and Morgan stay friends even though it took them a while to stop feeling bad about their relationship since they didn’t want to replace Mallory Beach. According to accounts, the duo and another pal received tattoos to memorialize their late closest friend.

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