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Who Is Jamie Cail Boyfriend? Swimming Champion Jamie Cail Found Dead



Who Is Jamie Cail Boyfriend 42-Year-Old Swimmer Jamie Cail Found Dead

The former American swimming champion, Jamie Cail, has been found dead by her supposed boyfriend Kamal Thomas on 21 February 2023 at their St. John home. According to officials, no cause of death or any details have been disclosed. The authorities have urged anyone with information to contact ‌investigators.

Is Kamal Thomas The Boyfriend Of Jamie Cail?

According to authorities, her boyfriend found Jamie Cail unresponsive, after he left a bar and went back to the residence to check on Cail. Although, officials have not revealed the name of her boyfriend. But insider sources suggest that it could be possible that her boyfriend is Kamal “Six Pack” Thomas. 

Officials stated that a boyfriend and a friend immediately rushed Jamie Cail to the Myrah Keating Smith Community Health Center and administered CPR, which immensely failed to get her back into life.

Who Is Jamie Cail Boyfriend?

Furthermore, the autopsy report of the former swimmer Jamie Cail is still in progress as the investigators are anxiously awaiting to further pursue the investigation.

The most drawn topic from the demise of the former American swimmer is her boyfriend. The fact that authorities are not revealing his name has disturbed the minds of the public. The public is more eager to learn about his boyfriend. 

Rumors suggest that she still lives with her long-term boyfriend, Kamal Thomas. Although there are no sources to confirm the statement.

Who Is James Cockayne? What Happened To Him?

Jamie Cail Boyfriend Kamal Thomas has been fighting a case since 2007 when he was accused of the death of 21-year-old James Cockayne.

Who Is Jamie Cail Boyfriend? 42-Year-Old Swimmer Jamie Cail Found Dead

James Cockayne was killed outside a Cruzy Bay bar in 2007. Kamal was initially charged with first-degree murder, which was later dismissed, and convicted of third-degree assault, weapon charges, and threatening a witness in 2010. At the time, he was sentenced to 10 years in Jail and charged with a fine of $11,750.

Cockayne’s family struggled extremely to get justice for her son. His mother, Jean Cockayne revealed that they hired private investigators to find out clues and evidence of the murder and handed it over to the cops. She added that the police were not going to do anything because their son was a tourist and a stain will be marked on the island that will restrict the tourist to visit.

James Cockayne Family About Jamie Cail Boyfriend

She added that her family was dragged to the island to attend hearings every six months only after a few years of the incident, which she found humiliating. She described Kamal as “bad to the bone” as dangerous and notorious. Upon hearing the news of Jamie Cail, she said that she made some bad decisions in her life, and he was one of them.

The incident was instigated after an argument turned into a brawl inside the bar. During the dispute, the pool cue was cracked in half. To escape from them, James Cockayne left the bar. But he was later chased by three men: supposedly, Jahil Ward, Kamal James, and Anselmo Boston. Later his body was found an hour later two blocks from the building. Reports confirm that his body was covered in bruises and multiple stab wounds.

Upon hearing the news, her family has been devastated to learn of the death of her daughter. In a statement they described her as an “amazing human and friend,” in a separate statement they assured to find the truth of what happened to her.

Several residents who found her loving have pondered over tributes, along with flowers at the coffee shop and bookstore where she worked in St John.

The former swimmer made headlines when she first participated in the Pan Pacific Championship for the US as a teenager. During the FINA Swimming World Cup in 1998-99, she won a silver medal for the nation

As of now, an investigation is still going on. The family and authorities are hoping to unveil more details about Jamie Cail’s death.

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